Whirlpool Duet small load spin question

salishsongJuly 12, 2012

I have the Whirlpool Duet set, 9151. Overall, I'm getting good results, with one oddity: when I have a small wash load, the spin is so minimal that the clothes are left sopping wet. Normal-sized loads are spun near-dry, as I'm used to from my previous washer. Has anyone seen this? Is there a solution? I've done some internet searches and looked through the manual, but didn't find anything relevant. Thanks for any ideas!

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Small loads are difficult for the machine's distribution routine to balance evenly for high-speed spin. The only workable solution is to wash slightly larger loads, a few more items of largely equal weight so they can be balanced around the drum.

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I found this out the first night of owning my new front loader. If the small loads consist of lightweight items you can spin on any setting but if they're heavier things like towels, set the spin for the lower setting. My washer has been able to spin out a smaller load of towels and heavy jeans and such by adjusting the spin cycle speed.

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Thanks -- two good suggestions! As far as I can tell, the 'small load' setting on this washer doesn't allow me to choose spin speed. It sounds like I'll just have to make sure I add enough to keep the load from being too small.

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Can you pick a different cycle and adjust spin speed? My manual has a graph showing every adjustable setting vs. default settings and it's been really helpful.

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I had this problem on my Bosch and I learned to throw an clean towel in with my sweaters -- (it was usually something like that on delicate cycle that was a very small load). I ran the load with just the items I wanted to wash -- then when it was done and wet I'd throw a towel in (bath sized) and run Drain & Spin cycle. My Miele front loaders never had this problem -- one of the reasons I'm going back to Miele (that and bundling sheets in the dryer were my complaints about the Bosch).

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