replacing home generator creating other issues

chickadee4November 5, 2012

The 14 year old power guard generator was installed with the exhaust valve blowing on the ac condenser units. It fried itself last Monday

Presently I have sitting in a linear pattern the generator closest to the home followed by two ac condenser units. We have already deduced that new cement will need to be poured, the ac units will need to be moved along with piping and a new home generator will need to be placed the furthest from the home .

My concern is that in moving the ac 10 seer rated units they will fail.

I have already called the HVAC service and asked for a quote on new higher rated seer air systems.

Would you bite the bullet and replace all three items or see if when they move the air conditioners that they keep in mind the units are old and will fail?

I have been warned that I will also need to replace the handlers.

The husband wants a 14 kw kohler whereas I prefer an 8.5kw and use the difference towards the air conditioners.

I am lucky to have only lost power for five days. Those in Staten Island, NJ and LOong Island are looking at weeks with no power.

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How old are the AC condensers? If they are more than 15 years old then I would recommend replacing them. A few years ago I tried removing and then replacing a 20 year old condenser so I could regrade the area near my house. The unit developed a leak. I ended up replacing the condenser and furnace.

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The ac condensers are 14 years old.
My gut says to replace all three at the same time but the hubby does not want to spend the money.
Since we need to move the ac units my gut says we are going to spend more if we don't replace them. Personally I am all for just opening the window when it gets hot out.
I have been without power in NJ every year due to fallen tress but the town balks when we ask to place the lines under ground,
I have power .I had a car to warm up in or the fire house. It must be a nightmare for those who have no relief from the cold and yes it is cold outside
Thank you for posting. To me it is a no brainer what to do.

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I would not move the AC units unless I was replacing them.

I would however move the generator if it needs moving and leave the AC alone for another year or two and spread out the cost.

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