Laundry room vent through wall

barrettdJuly 23, 2012

We have a laundry room that shares a wall with the garage. We are in the process of switching the connections out to the garage, to create a bedroom/office in the current laundry room. Obviously, we currently vent the dryer out the exterior wall of the laundry room. The problem is we do not have an easily accessible spot to vent to the exterior of the garage, as the near exterior wall has a door leading outside.

I'm currently thinking of just running the dryer vent straight from the back of the dryer through the shared wall, then turning 90 degrees straight out the existing vent. I'd install a sleeve inside the wall to pass through the vent hose, and I'm also considering using something more sturdy than the flexible vent tube we currently have.

Is this a dumb idea? And if not, any suggestions on the installation?

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We recently had to revent due to the vent being old rotted plastic venting which ran through the floor. It passed through two rooms to an outside wall. Here's what little I know.

It if is longer than 15 feet, you need a fan.
You should not have more than one turn.
Use rigid metal venting.

We opted for going to the roof because our laundry room was in the middle of the house. We have only one bend....where the vent at a right angle and the rest is straight. Ours is less than 15 feet, but still connected to a fan which draws it out.

One other thought....Is it venting into the garage or simply going through the garage to the outside. It really should go to the outside. It is not good for your house to have all that moist air inside. We vented inside for a few months until we could get our issue fixed....but only because it was the only option we had. Even with our house fan running to exhaust the air, our house was quite damp and stuffy....and that was in the winter! It is not a good idea long term because of the humidity issues.

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It shouldn't be longer than 15'. We'll be routing from the garage through a shared interior wall, then directly out the existing exterior wall that is currently vented.

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don't use a 90* bend. Use two 45* bends spaced apart.

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There are some dryers out there that can handle up to 55' (GE comes to mind).

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