9 or 12 cycle washer

cookie_growJuly 11, 2010

Hello, does anyone know what the difference is between 9 wash cycles or 12 wash cycles. I am researching washers and am deciding between the

LGSteamWasher 4.2 Cu. Ft. 9-Cycle Large Capacity Washer and

Samsung4.3 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Ultra Capacity Steam Washer

I tried searching for the difference, but couldnt find anything. Hope someone can help me out.

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Long explanation short...not much of a difference.

When a manufacturer of a washer creates a cycle they predetermine time, turning speed, turning rhythm, spin speed or no spin, water amount, water temp., rinse temp., timing of additives, etc.

You can always edit these "default" predetermined cycles (i.e. longer/shorter wash time, water temp. change, extra rinse etc).
More cycles are a "convenience".

Just look at each web sites owners manuals online and see of you need or want those cycles on your soon to be new washer. You may want an "Auto-Soak Cycle" if offered on one brand and not the other.

Best of luck with your decision.

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Thanks. I am thinking of going with LG, cause it has most of the cycles I am looking for. The LG one also seems to come with lots of warranties compared to the Samsung.

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Which cycles are common to the two washers, and which are on only one or the other?

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Common ones are deep steam cleaning, permanent press, delicate, hand wash.
However LG also has allergiene (to remove dander etc...) and cotton/normal,sanitary and bulky/large. Seems like LG has more choices relevant to me than Samsung.

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Hmm, the Samsung must have a cycle or cycles for cotton/normal. If it's a steam washer, I'd be surprised if it doesn't have a sanitary cycle. Maybe it doesn't have a bulky/large or comforters cycle. If it doesn't, you probably can't make one out of another cycle.

From other threads here, I've gotten the impression that Samsung wash temperatures are on the low side, which is something else to consider.

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thats what I found strange too, I used the comparison option on best buy website, maybe its not too accurate. I checked samsungs own website and they have a normal option, so thats ok i guess. Not sure about wash temp, I will have to look into that.

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