dispenser drawer not working correct, only fill 1st compartment

ShadboyJuly 12, 2011

Hello every one.

I have a new Bompani Washing Machine, the soap dispenser drawer is well explained in the manual, 1 for prewash, 2 for wash cycle, and 3 for softener. In all the cycles the machine use the 1st dispenser only for take water, the water only saturate the 2nd compartment(with the soap for the main wash) in the final rinse before the spinning process, that is supposed to do with the compartment 3 with the softener.

An improvised solution is to use the compartment 1 for place the soap, but I think this is a problem because the water is filling by this compartment at the very beginning in the soaking process, and this first water is drained in some many cycles before the main wash cycle.

Note that the washing machine is New, I not have guarantee because I'm far in other country.

Is any solution for this?

Sorry my bad English.

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Problem resolved, or not because it never exist. It was a pinareñada of my.


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