need help in redoing this laundry closet - pics posted

eldemilaJuly 16, 2010

The old house we recently purchased, the laundry closet is in the eat in area of the kitchen. The washer and dryer sit opposite from each other. I'd like to utilize the floorspace better, if there's a better way to have them. I'd like them to face forward, together, but there's so much space to to the left and right of the doors, anything I would put there would be wasted space and I'm afraid that the vents/hoses/gas pipe wouldn't reach. I can't put them facing forward, due to the wall. I would like to put more shelves for storage all the way around and up.

Can anyone come up with any ideas? Does anyone have pictures of a similar layout and what you've done?

This closet measures 8ft wide (interior) x 32" deep. Dryer is gas and on left, washer on right - both units facing each other.

PLEASE NOTE: PICS TAKEN BEFORE PURCHASE, that's not my stuff and I can't wait to paint that wall!

Thanks for any help!

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Drains and vent pipe is an issue, as are the fuse boxes you can't block, and that's a nice arrangement in many ways.

You can easily triple the storage capacity of that area:

With shelving - go all the way to the ceiling with it. The top-most shelf can be deeper than the others if you size it to fit light-weight but large items, like packs of toilet tissue or stockpots.

1 - Install a shallow set of shelves (4 or 6") across the back of the closet, above the tallest adult's shoulder level. Hang a folding step stool below the shelves. Use as pantry

2 - Add shelves above the current sets, so you aren't stacking boxes like the previous owner. That's prime storage space for the things you don't use every day, like huge pots

3 - Find a roll-out cart that can hold at least two laundry baskets and store it between the appliances.

That should give you plenty of ideas.

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How do you feel about stacking a washer and dryer -- leaving one side completely open for shelves or even a closed cabinet. I'd try to find a place for hanging too.

You might be able to put the washer and dryer side by side facing the front, but it looks like you might lose space to the side and wind up with less usable space. It would be really hard to use that space -- or even to get anything that dropped down there out unless there is room to get through on the sides. You would also have to make sure you could run the cords and water lines far enough to reach and that your washer and dryer wouldn't block the electrical box.

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