Insul;ated box duct

ratflingerNovember 23, 2011

On a new construction install is there a huge difference in price between insulated box duct for both supply and return verses flex duct? Obviously there will be some due to more detailed planning and placement issues, but should the increase in cost be enough to discourage me from having that done?

Also is there a rule of thumb about max return lengths, etc? My current design has about a 75' run for return and probably close to 100' for the max supply. This is using one unit for 2400sqft, with the unit in a utility room in the garage vs an attic unit. I was planning on a 2 or 3 zone system.

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Also is there a rule of thumb about max return lengths, etc?"

Manual D.

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Get with a Nate Certified Contractor, insist on the J-manual load and a D-Manual,[In contractor wants to talk U out of the D-manual...get ride of him...many contractors will talk J manual, J-manual...but could not even explain how the D-manual is filled out and forget about zoning its over rated in benefits. Install 2 small units on the long ranch layout. this is my opinion.

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