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grlwprlsJanuary 5, 2011

Things got really slowed down on our project when our last contractor abandoned us (I have terrible contractor karma or something!) but at least this time we were just a few projects short of punch list. Sadly, most of the glaring errors are in the kitchen, but I've tried to make the best of it. As you'll note, you're not seeing the sink wall of our 9x7 L shaped kitchen because the contractors installer butchered my sink cab, and while I bought a replacement cabinet face, he walked off the job before it could be repaired and my cabinet company, because they did not do the install won't touch this hot mess with a 10 foot pole. I don't blame them. Other than installer defects, I am very happy with my Shiloh cabinets. My hardware is: RH Gilmore bin pulls and cabinet latches; the knobs are porcelain from Emtek, Madison Ivory, I think.

So, despite spending major money on this project, I can only really feel good revealing my range wall right now.

The cabinets are Shiloh soft white, the countertops are piracema soapstone. The range is La Cornue Albertine (brushed stainless with brass accents). The backsplash is simple piece of glass. The potfiller is brass and I bought it from Overstock. The shelf on the mantle was made from our old rotted floor joists and the collection of pottery was made by my cousin. I do have a lot of countertop clutter because I cook every day and I make no effort to hide stuff. The rug is a relatively inexpensive hand knotted Savafieh from Overstock. Necessary because the concrete is tough on the feet. I love my Thermador range hood. It's not the quietest thing, but it sucks the HOGS up and out even at low speed. And when you're cooking a roux, you want those smells going *out* as efficiently as possible.

We also have a reclaimed wood work table that lives to the left of the stove - tighter than would be advisable under most circumstances, but it works for me.

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Beautiful, beautiful range! OMG! Everything looks great so far. Now I want to see the rest!

I've never seen a glass BS. Very cool. But I'm confused. Where is the range hood? Maybe I'm blind today, but all I see is glass.

Great job!

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Beautiful! Breathtaking range. And the 'clutter?' Nothing wrong with a kitchen that looks like someone loves it and USES it!

(Range hood built in that bumped out portion behind the shelves with pottery, Breezy)

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I love the simple elegance. Bravo

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I have not logged in in quite some time, but I just had to log in and say "love it!" I have been following your saga from the beginning just waiting for the final results. Even though there have been many trials with this project, I am sure the end results are breathtaking. Hopefully all of that pain and agony will soon just be a memory. Just think, I joined here in March of 2007 to start a kitchen remodel and have not begun the first thing! With all of that said, you have to show more, more, more! You can't leave us hanging like this even though I know there is the issue with the sink cabinet, we still must see ;). All of the TKO'ers will understand. I would also love to see the rest of your home as I love corner storefronts that have turned residential. Those are some of my favorite real estate listings when they show up.

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Another La. girl checking in here to say I am sorry to hear of your (continued) contractor troubles, but wow, that is looking sooo good! You have persevered through so many trials w/ this project, I bet it's nice to see some actual results finally.

I will be eagerly awaiting your "finished" pics, not only of your kitchen, but of the rest of your renovation, too. Being as I live in a different part of the state (SW corner), renovated residential storefronts are not something we ever really see, so this has been a really intriguing project to watch unfold (hope that last sentence made sense!).

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Hey jbrig,

We don't have corner storefront remodels in my neck of the woods either, but I am always perusing real estate listings for the state. CJBrown is a good site for Nola and BR listings. Every so often there are remodeled storefronts in Nola for sale that are always intriguing.

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The part i can see looks wonderful. I have wondered what was going on at your place. We were there in Oct. and I thought of you as we drove around town.

I am sorry you have had so much stress and poor support from your work force. I sure hope the New Year will bring you good fortune and you can finish your kitchen and have joy in your beautiful space.

I too would love to see the rest of your interesting home. Also the work table in the kitchen. BTW you have a very talented cousin ! c

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Oh, cool!!! You worked so hard on this!! It's great that it's coming together so well, contract nonsense and all.

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Boy, that range is gorgeous. Everything is beautiful. I can't wait to see more.

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I think it looks simply lovely, with both words truly covering it. I like when a kitchen looks like a kitchen! I'd love to visit a house where real food gets made and served.
If someone is only dusting a kitchen, it is a waste ;)

I hope the final lap of your journey is a smooth one and we are ogling your finished pix asap!

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LOVE it! Love the stained concrete floor, the (plaster?) hood, the homemade pottery, the (drool) range, the soapstone counters, the rug ... simply put, I love it all. I've been waiting to see pics of your kitchen and it's been worth the wait. I hope your contractor troubles clear up soon so that you can wrap up your kitchen re-do in no time.

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So unique! Really so worth all the effort!

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Hi GrlwPrls,

What is the answer about your seemingly invisible rangehood? Inquiring minds want to know!


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It's an insert set into a plastered box between two sets of cabinets.

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ahh, of course, now that you say it I can see the protrusion


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