help! kenmore elite calypso error

inessaJuly 22, 2006

Does anyone know what error message F1 means for a Kenmore Elite Calypso Washer? Tried calling Sears they couldn't help even tried calling Kemore direct couldn't help unless I had someone come out or pay for another owner's manul. Has anyone else had this message? What does it mean? How do you clear it? URGENT REPLY APPRECIATE.. THANK YOU, VANESSA

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I guess my message above will not help you as you do not have the Sears book with the number on it. So here it is,
1-800-927-7836. Listen to your choices and talk to these people. Tell them you are aware of the class action lawsuit and the many problems you have had , are having or will have with this machine. They will look up the service record. BE nice but be firm and tell em you want a diff machine and not another Calypso(we had one replaced and it was junk also).

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inessa, go to and scroll down to the calypso washer. It will show you the codes.

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FL stands for an "overfill". Manual provides very little help. Just says that the system will reset every ten seconds and attempt to pump out the excess water. I am having the same problem and can not get the light to go away. Will not pump out water. I unplugged the unit and it still will not work. Looking for someone who knows what might be reqired to repair it.

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Hi! I've had my calypso for 6 years. It has been a disaster! I've had it serviced at least four times for 2 different problems. Once again, I found a "Fl" error, and also alot of little white specks alover the clothes. They look like powder residue, but I only use liquid HE detergent. (AT the same time my 15mt old is vomitting & diarrhea.) Sears can't send a repairman out till Aug 30th, then another week for parts. My last repair was the same code, FL, the filter was clogged. That was 4/05, and then I complained about this machine to Sears. They were firm about having 4 repairs in a 12 month period. I got nowhere with them. I'm getting ready to go buy a whirlpool duet he at Lowes today. I'm tired of fighting with them. (Of course, the lemon law number doesn't answer on Sundays.)Any suggestion you may have would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi. I'm new to this site, but I thought I might shed some light. I too had a problem with my Calypso washer. I was getting the FL code which according to the book said that there was a clogged hose. After taking off the hose and not finding anything I decided I had to call service (Sears). They told me that I could purchase an extended warranty for that machine (even though I purchased it 5 years ago) for $200.00 which would cover everything up to $600.00. If the repairs cost more than $600, they would give you $600 toward a new machine. After deciding to go ahead with the warranty, they said I wasn't eligible for the warranty because of a Class Action Lawsuit between the consumer and Whirlpoos/Kenmore. They gave me the phone number to call to get more information. 1-877-567-4297. There is also have a website to download the claim form Depending on when you purchased your machine you might be able to file a claim. The repair man came out today and told me that the pump quit and would cost $300 to repair. Sears told me that I should have purchased the extended warranty when I purchased the machine that then it would be covered. I didn't think that you needed to repair/replace washers every 5 years. I have decided not to repair it and instead will purchase a new one. Good luck with your washer.

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Our Calypso Odyssey started 3 years ago. We had a service man out in the first 6 months to repair some problem, didn't pay too much attention. Then aftera year (and the warranty expired) We got the error code parade. It always ends with LD which is the main problem with these machines. Bits of lint fibers and whatever gets below the agitator plate and then wraps around the drain pump impeller clogging it. After a bit of internet research I found you could remove the pump and remove the garbage and be on your way with no need to have a service man trying to sell you a new pump. The only problem is due to the design flaw this will continue to happen. Bad thing is that due to the design of the pump cleaning it out takes quite a while and is less than thorough. After a 3rd time of cleaning in 6 months I found that a replacement pump was being offered online and while it didn't fix the problem with getting clogged you could remove the housing and clean the impeller directly, taking only 5 minutes. Still every 2-3 months you have to drain the machine and do the whole thing over again. Last week the agitator plate just snapped off. That was the last straw, time for a new machine. Of course Sears wants nothing to do with any of this and refers all communication to their class action settlement hired goons. They informed me since I didn't Opt out (mmm dont recall that notice) that I was part of the class and since I failed to meet the very narrow requirements, (mostly paying Sears service centers big bucks) that I was out of luck. Well it sure is a good thing that the Class action attorneys got 12 Million from Sears/Whirpool! That will show 'em. I took my case to a local sears manager who offered me 20% off any washer even sales priced. OK good! We purchased an He2 Plus and brought it home. It promptly stopped mid cycle and then leaked all over the laundry room floor. No matter what it did this every time. Back to Sears we went where I tried to renegotiate a slightly better deal (10%)and was rebuffed with rude behavior, after all they were doing ME a favor! That's it I will never buy anything from Sears again.

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We just bought a Bosch Nexxt Platinum FL washer and dryer set to replace our 5 year old Kenmore Calypso Elite machines. The Calypso washer was the worst washer I've ever had. It broke down in less than a year after purchasing it (replaced pump under warranty). The washer destroyed our clothes over time (black streaks, knotting, bleaching, etc.). The clothes never came out really clean (even when running them through the wash cycle twice). Then we started getting grey-colored flakes depositing all over the washed clothes. Finally, the washer quit working (appears to be a circuit board problem). We went to Sears to see what our replacement options were (as we didn't want the Calypso machine anymore). We weren't satified with what we heard or with what Sears offered in the FL machines.
So after some researching, we decided on purchasing the Bosch units at Pacific Sales. We sure hope we made the right decision.

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We bought the Kenmore Calypso from Sears June 03', based on consumer reports review - how silly was that? - and energy-saver rebate. It worked okay but I soon noticed the moldy smell. Assumed we were doing something wrong. My husband insisted it chewed his socks & shirts. I didn't believe it could be the machine. Started to notice random bleach spots on clothes. Again, I thought I must have done something wrong. Called Sears several times and was advised to follow the directions in the owner's manual. Great idea!! We just lived with it and ran small loads.
Yesterday it stopped working. It filled w/water but instead of the washing it did nothing but buzz quietly and emit a vague plastic burning smell. Not good. I called the repair line listed on the lid. They refused to schedule a tech visit because of the recall and gave me the Sears recall number. Recall?!? Sears recall center referred me to the class action lawsuit number. We do not qualify for the class action since we have no repair bills (only calls to Sears about general performance concerns - not documented by Sears). Called the recall line again, was told there was no recall on this machine. Okay . . . I scheduled a tech visit with a heavy heart. After spending some time reading the laments of my fellow Calypso owners I found Mutta's post here with the 1-800-927-7836 number and advice. I called it and described our machine's destructive tendencies and current problem. I went on to mention the thousands of similar and worse complaints on the web and the class action lawsuits. I said I did not want to start down the road of expensive repairs and had no reason to believe one repair would be sufficient based on the experience of countless other unfortunate Calypso owners. They documented my concerns and promised to send a senior tech to diagnose the problem. I said that wasn't enough. She explained that once the tech comes and confirms that it is indeed broken, they may entertain a free repair or even a replacement. Based on what others have posted throughout the internet I am not yet hopeful, but who knows? I will report back. Thanks Mutta!

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In case anyone else finds this thread from a search engine (like I did) after an FL error on a Kenmore Calypso - I managed to fix the problem. It was a fairly easy repair. The pump assembly that drains the machine is a poorly designed two piece unit with a gear that easily strips out. The good news is that the pump has been redesigned, and can be swapped out in under an hour.

To see if yours has the same problem, tip the washer on its back, pull off the bottom panel, and find the horseshoe shaped piece with two hoses coming out of it. If your Calypso was like mine, it should be really easy to pull that piece off the motor. It's held on by a couple small clips (the new design pump is *not* held together with flimsy little clips). Look at the white piece that fits on to the motor's gear. That little white gear landing was totally stripped on my washing machine.

The pump part number of the pump is 8054954. I found a new pump at Here's a direct link:

It's really easy to change the motor and pump out, so give it a shot. It's only $100, which is a lot cheaper than a new washer (and is even cheaper than Sears, which wanted $120 for the new pump... and another ~$100 to send someone out to install it!!).

Good luck!

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Well... i came across this thread as our washer just gave me the "FL" error. And after futsing with it for 20 minutes (as an engineer, this is a long time!), I turned to the wbe for answers.

I am writing simply to say thank you to all who have previously written as it makes my decision rather easy. I am probably going to head to HD or Lowes and simply chuck this freakin piece of crap. We just fixed our dryer and paid a service guy $50 for a "preventative maintenance" checkup on the Calypso. After reading all the comments above, I am very hesitant to even put $100 into it as it appears it may only be the beginning.

We bought the unit less than a year ago at a Sears Outlet as a refurbished unit and still paid $700!!!

Thanks again everyone... think we're just going to ditch it!

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If you're still having recurrent issues with your Whirlpool or Kenmore Elite Calypso here:

You have until May 7, 2007 to file a claim for the class action settlement.

Michael...buying that washer is probably the biggest mistake you've ever made. I'm sorry you're the latest member of the Calypso Nightmare Club.

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That lawsuit claim is a joke as you must have paid to fix the machine in its early life (warranty period). It's of no use to a long-term Calypso owner. Do what I did with my Kenmore Calypso after 5 years when it coded on me . . . go to Lowe's and get the Bosch NEXXT 500 pair.

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Okay, we are all here for the same reason that darn Calypso Machine and the multiple error codes. Well, I was washing a load of baby clothes and got the FL error code. After consulting the internet, I decide to place a service call with my local Sears repair center. Needless to say the service guy came out and told me that my machine needed a pump, and it would cost me $300 which included the parts and labor. Of course me being in need to complete my 6-8 loads of laundry a week, I decide to ask if he could sell me the part and my husband could install it when he got home. His answer was no, but he could order it for me, at which time the washing machine just started beeping and trying to drain all by it self. The repair guy say's to me "Oh, you have anothe problem, you need a computer board" so now I was up to almost $500 in cost. I was not willing to pay that much to repair the machine, because I had my eye on the new "LG Tromm Steamwasher". Well I consulted my father who is in the repair business and my husband who is in the engineering business and they both doubted the repair guy. My husband went ahead and ordered the parts and my dad kept asking me if there was a baby sock stuck in the machine, I said of course not. I got the parts first thing Monday morning and my husband came home from work to install them, because of my "I need to do Laundry yesterday attitude". Well it worked for about 15 minutes and I got different codes-LD and OB. I would open the top and all would be fine and the washing would continue, then stop, I gave up. I was headed to Home Depot when my husband called and said I will be home after my meeting to check one other thing and if this does not work we will get you your new machine tonight, I agreed. Well he came home tilted up the machine and found what he called a discharge drain, my dad called a strainer, I just saw a hose. Well this hose connects to the pump and inside this hose was something I was very familiar with "The Infamous Missing Underwire" from my nursing bra that I had to trash a few weeks ago because the underwire was missing. So out popped the wire and like magic the machine was fixed. All of the old parts were replaced, three loads of laundry done last night and finally a happy housewife apologized for being a witch. Now the other challenge, getting my money back from Sears for the "Disservice Call", so check your hoses something may be stuck in there holding open the valve which keeps the water from flowing correctly.

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Thanks swarth... you just saved me several hundred dollars and I was hoping by responding I might do the same for someone. My wife and I bought our Kenmore Elite Calypso in 2001 when we built our house. Ever since then we have been plaqued with problems from this purchase. I think we missed the Class Action Receipt Proof by about 2 months. Since we bought the washer, has been an utter disaster. Swarth you just saved me on the purcahase of a third pump. You heard me right. A Sears tech came out and replaced the first one after the warranty perios expired. Then about 2 years later, I ordered the complete pump from searspartsdirect and replaced that one myself. By the way it was a much better constructed pump than the original replacement part. Now 6 years later, I come in and my wife tells me, you're not going to beleive it... I did, this product is crap and Kenmore and Whirlpool ought to be ashamed. It took all day, but I did what you said swarth, and saved myself several hundred dollars, considering my time is worth nothing to these companies. You can tell, I'm not a happy camper... but I was glad to save a buck, so if you're mechanically inclined and have the rest of the afternoon, odds are that you will be back in business. That's the good news. The bad news, you won't be getting any help from these American icons and if you want to avoid carrying your $1,200.00 washer to the dump, well, then you will have to do this every so often to keep the machine operable. That is if you want it to be comparable to the reliability of your old $300.00 machine. Anyway, I could go on, but you catch my drift... so screw Sears and Whirlpool, like they have you... and get out the old toolkit. Hopefully you will be running a new load in a few hours.

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Anyone know how I can drain the water out of the machine? I have the same FL error thing going on and figured i would take a look under it to see if anything was clogged. The problem is, it stopped with about 22 min left in the cycle and the tub is still full of water. How do I drain it?

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Do you have some other type of Kenmore Elite machine? Perhaps a traditional agitator toploader? A Calypso wouldn't be left with a tub "full" of water. Calypsos never fill with enough water to be seen, the water level is always below the wash plate .... unless the water level pressure switch has failed and the machine overfilled.

Turn the power off. Select Extended Spin, which functions as a Spin-Only cycle. Press Start. The machine should drain, then spin. Cancel the cycle when done, you don't have to let it run to the end.

Or, the pump can be run in drain mode via Diagnostics. With the power off, press Soak - Cycle Signal - Soak - Cycle Signal. The display should read "dt" Press the Water Temp button one time, the display should clear. Pressing Extra Rinse toggles the pump on (or off) for drain. Note that the machine's lid must be closed for it to run. Press Stop/Cancel to exit diagnostics. Note that the power will automatically shut off in diagnostic mode after 3 mins. Restart diagnostic mode if necessary to finish draining.

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I also had an FL code on my calypso. I tried many things, but I could never get it to shut up, unless I unplugged it. After talking to the Sears client service rep, I decided to take cplusplus' advice and take the bottom apart. I checked the pump and found a piece of ribbon that came from my daughter's halloween costume !! So by taking 2 hours of my time, I saved the $70 for the tech to come to myplace, plus the parts that he would have probably changed and the labour to change them.

Thanks cplusplus!!!

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I also had a FL code on my Kenmore Elite Calypso and couldn't find what was wrong with this pices of crap. I checked all the hoses/pump and there's nothing in there. I purchased this washer machine back in 2004 and didnt realize that there's a lawsuit againt Kenmore. After reading anyone's comments, I WONT even spend a cent for fixing it. Time to get a new one. Any suggestions for me on which washer machine is better and last longer

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My wife and I also purchased this troublesome washer. It started giving us the FL code and the LD code and then the Ob code every time we tried to restart the washer. I was at my wits end. The FL code continued to come up so I pulled the outlet hose from the wall and unplugged the washer. I then proceeded to disassemble a wire coat hanger so that I could use this as a snake for the outlet hose. To my surprise I found a huuuge lint ball in the hose. I would first recommend completely checking the hose and the water pathway before tearing anything apart in the back. After removing the lint ball the washer then started to work. I am not saying that this is the end-all solution, but I would definitely check this first.


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Have the design flaws of the calypso been addressed in newer models?

My inlaws purchased the latest version that falls under the name Oasis.



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Mike, it's a common misconception that the Oasis is an updated Calypso, under a different name. That's not the case. The Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos machines are completely different mechanisms. No relation to the Calypso at all.

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Are you sure about that? The Oasis is also an agitatorless design.

From reviews I'm seeing at epinions, its suffer from similar flaws. I think the washing machine shares the same design, though it may not be exact.


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Yes, Mike, I am sure. The mechanical design, and the wash action, is quite between the Calypso and Oasis.

The Calypso never fills with water to submerge the clothes. The single pump runs continually through the wash period to shower water over the clothes while the wash plate wobbles or the basket spins at 60 RPM. Recirculation also occurs during most of the rinse sequences. The clothes are dripping-wet if the cycle is paused, but no water is seen in the tub, it's all below the wash plate. The single pump reverses for drain. The mechanism is belt-driven. The main drive motor is a variable speed single-phase AC induction motor. A u-joint allows the wash plate to wobble when the motor runs in one direction, then levels/centers the plate for spin when the motor reverses. The spin basket has a brake like Whirlpool's transmission-drive toploaders.

There are both agitator and wash plate models in the Oasis/Cabrio/Bravos line. The wash plate models do fill with water, although to a low level. The wash plate does not wobble, it oscillates back and both like a "normal" agitator (thus, the agitator models simply replace the wash plate with an agitator without requiring any change to the drive mechanism). No u-joint is involved. The drive mechanism has no belt, it's essentially identical to Fisher & Paykel's SmartDrive toploaders. The SmartDrive motor is a 3-phase brushless DC motor with a rotor positional sensor for precise speed and rotational control. There are two separate pumps, one for drain and one for recirculate. The recirculation pump runs only at certain times during the cycle, not continuously. The spin basket does not have a mechanical brake. It floats up slightly on the drive shaft by air buoyancy when the tub fills with water to disengage from the drive shaft so the wash plate (or agitator) can oscillate separately, then settles back onto the drive for spin when the water drains out. The Calypso basket doesn't float.

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Sounds like you're either a washing machine repair man or some sort of engineer.

Thanks for the detailed explanation regarding the differences in the washer design. From you're description there has been a significant change in the design of the top loading agitator less machines.

Let me rephrase my question. Does the current agitator less crop of top loading washing machines suffer from design flaws or poor reliability. Seems the epinions folks have had negative experiences.



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Glad I found this site. We bought our Calypso in 2001 and have replaced the pump 3x so far. (Yep, that's 4 pumps.) First time it was under warranty (I got the extended warranty because it was a new design and I didn't trust it... and rightly so, apparently). Back then they just installed another junky pump. 2nd time I was past warranty and had to pay, and the guy said it was a new pump design that should be better. Third time we assumed it was the pump and bought one online for ~$100 and my husb did it. After inspecting the old one we found it was probably just full of junk and not broken. Well now he's out of town and I got the dreaded "FL" again. With some research and this site, I got down there and cleaned the pump out myself. Thanks for all the posts - it saved me money. P.S. It was my daughter's ponytail wrapped around in there... and now I'm waiting for her shirt string that broke off and escaped under the plate a couple weeks ago to jam it again. But next time I'll know exactly what I'm doing! ;-)

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