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njannrosenJuly 8, 2012

I have been using my new Samsung w/d for about three weeks. Overall, I am quite satisfied butI I have a few issues.

When I use the delicate cycle the clothes are spun fairly dry from the washer and completely dry from the dryer . My previous Duet would leave them really wet in both cases so I would finish it by line drying . Is the Sansung doing a better job or is it over drying the clothes?

It will hold three sets of sheets, but when I just do two,including a King size set, they wind up in a roll out of the dryer. They are not exceptionally wrinkled but I wonder if I am doing something wrong. I used to wash them one set at a time in my old machines to avoid the wrinkles and knots as well as it not drying completely.

The lint catcher is tough to open. Is that normal or should I call Samsung?

Thanks for the advice.

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put tennis balls in 3 separate white socks (to prevent dye transfer) and throw them in with the sheets.

the lint catcher: if you have large hands like myself, it's easy to open. i doubt there's anything wrong with yours--it's just the design.

clothes WILL come out DRY, on the Delicate cycle, if you choose normal drying.

If you have a gas dryer, the temperature will modulate between 161 degrees (give or take a few degrees), and about 100 degrees, on the delicate cycle. that's one feature of the gas dryer that I don't like. ie, the max outlet temp is always aroundf 161 degrees, regardless of the drying temp that you select. the only difference between each temp setting is how long the temperature remains near 161...

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"When I use the delicate cycle the clothes are spun fairly dry from the washer."
Does your Delicate cycle not give you spin speed options?
IMO the Duet was not spinning them enough, because 'really wet' should not be happening. Just my opinion, though.

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