Lineset routing suggestions needed

jfls45November 18, 2012

I've pulled out an old 7/8" R-22 lineset and am replacing with a 1 1/8" R-410A lineset. I'm running the new lineset myself and a local HVAC guy is going to complete the install of my new heat pump and air handler.

My first question involves bending the new lineset and installing the same method of the old: is there tool that the HVAC contractor will have to do the necessary 90 bend with the new lineset already in place in the ceiling? My thought is probably not so what about the 1 1/8 line being cut and 90 degree elbow used to bring the tube down toward where you see the old line going out through the cinderblock? I can notch out more of the hole to give more access for a brazing tip.

I am also considering running the 1 1/8" tube straight out the wall and have the bends on the outside of the house.

Thanks for any advice in advance.

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Muscle or a pipe bender of appropriate size.

It takes some practice to not produce a kink

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There will have to be 90s for the bends. You will NEVER
bend a pipe that size in that small of a radius. Besides
" lazy bends " look like crap. If your evaporator is in the ceiling there had beter be a " P " trap on the line.
What is that black wire ? I can see many problems with that
installation right now.

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What do you need 1 1/8 inches? How long is the lineset run and how big is the condenser?

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"What do you need 1 1/8 inches? How long is the lineset run and how big is the condenser?"

That is an excellent question. Have you made sure that is what size line set you need? It is important to have the correct size.

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