Attic Venting

saxmaan1November 22, 2011

Having my roof redone...geesh, what a wide variety of approaches by the bidders. Some just come and want to replace the shingles. Others want to install ridge vents, others say to remove the power attic fan and cover it up, one wants to install a new power fan with a humidistat.

It is a cape cod style home with knee walls.

The bid that has me the most intrigued was this...Remove the existing power vent, install ridge vent, and install a smart vent system by DCI being my home has no soffit venting. But my house been here since 1963, and I personally have not seen ill effects of no soffit vents. It this just a marketing gimmick to drive up price?

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Yea they just want to charge you more. They could care less about your satisfaction. That's how they stay in business by pissin people off and charging them for stuff they don't need. furthermore technology has not changed a bit since 1963 so just go with the same layout as the original. Oh and why your at it go to home depot and hire the illegals to put your roof on cause that's what that cheap a@@ roofer was going to do anyways. You can eliminate the middle man.

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Are you saying you currently have a powered attic fan and not soffit vents? How does air enter the attic?

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I have some small gable is probably drawing from. Plus I had an attic window I would sometimes crack open. I think it is generally a bad set up. I guess the smart vent product by DCI seems to make sense...draw in cooler air as the hot air rises out the top. This is good in theory...but does it work in reality? Would it reduce heating/cooling costs?

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Good attic ventilation wjll help reduce cooling costs and moisture problems. It will not do anything for heating costs.

You need an equal amount of air intake and exhaust especially if you have a power attic fan. There is great debate about power attic fans. Many believe they use more energy then the amount saved. They can could cause negative air flow and pull air from air conditioned space if there is not adequate air intake in the attic.

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