contractor installed wrong heat pump - rheem rpql

frankiethefishNovember 11, 2011

Hi guys,

Thanks to the recommendations on this site I hired a contractor to install a Rheem heat pump. RPQL-JEZ. However they put in the JAZ instead.

I told them they will need to adjust the price of the contract, however I have been looking everywhere online and can't find out how much the true price difference should be. I called Rheem, and a distributor but nobody would tell me.

Any suggestions on how much I should expect to have the contract reduced by?


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The JEZ has the good diagnostics associated with that system.

Dealer should change the condenser out. That would be my choice.

Otherwise about $200-300.


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according to my price list more like around $100 to $150 depending on what tonnage the system is. but you probably need a little compensation for not having the unit you were suppose to have. otherwise they need to install correct unit.

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