Electrolux or other suggestions for FL machine?

pinegroveJuly 24, 2013

I have spent days reading reviews and compiling information. I feel even more confused!!

We need to replace our 10 year old Kenmore HE3t. I am looking for another FL machine.

We have 5 children and do lots of laundry and lots of different types of laundry as well.

My wish list: both handwash and delicate cycles, internal heater, soaking option, add water would be a bonus.

I had it narrowed down to Electrolux, but now I am not so sure. I really liked the 60 version.....but it does not have a handwash, just a delicate. They offer both on all other models. Wonder why it is not on the 60?

Is it worth it to go up to the Wave series?

Also....what is the difference between all the new drum designs? The electrolux machines have the simple holes like my He3. The Samsumg have a honey comb pattern and the LG looks like various holes/bubbles. Is there any significance to these? I was okay with the one the lux has bc I am familiar with this design.

Totally open to other FL options and suggestions.

Thank you!

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I can tell you that I did spring for the Wavetouch, because I wanted the hand wash and also the "perfect tumble" feature in the dryer. I had the good fortune to have both of my machines begin to die at once, so I just bought a pair and had it over with. :-) I've had them for about a year and a half and have been happy with the performance so far. There's not a presoak, but there is a prewash and a stain removal cycle, which, as I understand it, starts out with cold water and then heats it up, so as to cover the gamut of stain removal temperatures. If you wanted to soak your laundry, you could actually just hit 'pause' at any point and let it sit. It's really funny that with the number of cycles on this thing, you'd have to manually do a presoak, but there it is. I don't, as I've found that the prewash and stain removal cycle take care of our needs just fine. I do like that I can program a cycle with all of my specific tweaks, name it, and save it. This is handy when someone else is doing a load, all they need to do is press "towels" or "whites" and it runs just as I have set it up to run. I have used the hand wash cycle and it works well. I love the capacity--I've really cut down on the number of loads that I do each week, and our water usage has been cut drastically--with no downgrade in cleaning power. I do run extra rinses sometimes, but I am particularly fussy about rinsing, I'm told. I also like being able to wash my comforters and large blankets at home.
I have heard that E'lux is coming out with new designs this year, so you may want to check into that.

Best of luck to you,

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Thank you so much for your insight. It does suprise me that there is not a soak option when it offers so many other features. My current he3t has this option and I do like it for some items....but may not need on the lux if it cleans better.

I have 5 kids....three boys that are growing quickly and two little girls. So I am washing big boys jeans and athletic gear and baby girls dainty dresses, so I have a variety of laundry to consider. I do seperate all loads accordindly, so the shorter cycles will be nice on the newer machines.

Have you found the high spin speed damaging to any of your clothing?

Can a choose a setting then manually lower the spin speed if I wanted too?

I have googled and have not found out anything about new machines yet...but am curious! I suspected that too, since the price our local appliance guy is offering on the 70s appear to be significantly below the mrsp and he needs to order them, not in stock.

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I hear you on laundry variety--I have a teenage boy (athletic shirts, jeans) and a teenage girl (lace and sparkly decor). It's actually nice to have all of those choices--you can pretty much make this beast do whatever you want it to. With your crew, you are going to LOVE the extra capacity. I also like the quick wash feature when someone forgot to wash their choir uniform, and realizes this an hour before the concert. :-) I don't use it all the time, though, 15 minutes isn't long enough to do a good job over the long haul. With regard to spin speed, yes, if you do your T shirts on Maximum speed, they'll wear out faster. I've not damaged anything, but I did note that some things were getting frayed or worn more quickly, so I dialed it back a bit for knits. I dial it down for most items, except towels. Some of the "specialty" settings are preset and can't be changed, but most of them can be tweaked with regards to water temperature, spin speed, soil level, and then whether you want an extra rinse, prewash, extended fresh, stain removal, etc. etc. etc. It 'remembers' how you did it last time and defaults to that next time, so you don't have to sit there and set it up fresh each time, not that it's that hard to do. There's a chart in the manual that I kept out just to see what was available with each cycle--eventually you sort of settle into habits with each type of laundry, and I just saved those preferences. I really do like it.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. It's a lot of money to spend, and it's nice to have a good idea of whether or not it's going to work for you before plunking that down.

Oh, and the pedestals? Definitely great. Lots of room in there, and I really like not having to bend over to get into that cavernous machine.


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Sounds like we have very similar laundry needs:-)

Did you consider the other models?

I somewhat drawn to the 55/50 series bc of the handwash option and that the control panel looks easier to use.

What options led you to the 70 series and are you glad to have them?

Yes, it is a lot to spend, but considering how much I spend on the kids clothes, the cost is easily justified. :-)

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I also suggest the WaveTouch Electrolux.

And yes they are coming out with a new front loader later this year.
I really hope Electrolux has listened and will offer a soak in their next washer.

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I did look at just about every washer on the market. :-) I narrowed it down to the Electroluxes, and in the end, I liked the 70 series for the size, the ability to the ability to save multiple custom programs, the shrink guard feature and the perfect tumble feature on the dryer. Between those last two features, I have very few wrinkles. I also like the extended tumble feature on the dryer--it cools the load down and keeps it moving till I'm ready to go get it. No more wrinkled mess in the dryer if I can't get to it immediately. We waited for a rebate to buy the set, so that cushioned the blow a little.

I'd heard that the 50 series didn't have the recirculating jet, and from what I can see in mine, it makes a pretty big difference in how the load gets wet and how the washer cleans, so if you decide to go for the 50 series, I'd check on that. I also have the ability to add more water, which is helpful with large comforters and towels.

A user named Jsmith posted a comparison chart that helped me a lot, too. You'll find it in the link below, just scroll down a bit. You may also find the rest of the thread interesting for the discussion on the various models.


Here is a link that might be useful: Scroll down for comparison chart

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Thank you so much, CJ.

Will look at that comparison chart....looks very helpful.

My husband eliminated the 50 series bc of the something with the tub. I am still interested in comparing the 55 series, but it looks like it may be discontinued.

Did it take a while to get used to the controls?
I admit, they are a but intimidating to me.

Good to read that you feel like there is enough water in your wash load. just noticed the dryer has a setting for Athletic gear...that will come in handy!!

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I was planning on the Wavetouch for my new build. I would need them around November but now I'm wondering if I should wait for the new model.

Georgect - do you know when the new model is coming out? Where did you find out about it?

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I have no clue when the new models are coming.
I thought they were do out at the beginning of this year.
I only assume that they pushed it further into this year to maybe correct issues before it was released.

Chris Polk, that works for Electrolux would often visit this forum.

You can try e-mailing him at CHRIS.POLK@ELECTROLUX.COM

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