Trash placement (final cabinet layout) & Microwave Placment

Tricia21January 4, 2013

Hi all,
I'm finalizing the cabinet layout and I'm stuck on a couple things. These are being custom built so we can play around with sizing, etc. In a nutshell, we have a galley kitchen that goes longer on one side. One the shorter side, it will be the fridge, counter, sink, dishwasher. So in this run, I will only have one bank of drawers/cabinets on the bottom (not including the sink). Originally, I was thinking it would best to put the trash pullout in that run with the silverware drawer on top. It will be 18" wide cabinet space. Now I'm thinking, would it be better to have that spot be 4 drawers since it's b/w the sink and fridge?

If we move it, I would have the trash on the range side and put it in one of 3 drawer banks to the right of the range but it will be a wider cabinet which i'm guessing would be a waste of space since it will probably be either 30 or 24".

2 things I'm thinking about: Is it gross to have your silverware drawer over the trash? Would a 4 drawer bank be more useful next to the sink or is it better to have the trash right there next to the sink (that's what I was thinking originally)?

Truthfully, nothing is very far in this kitchen and ultimately, I'd probably be totally happy with either.

Lastly, I originally was going to put the micro in a base cabinet next to the range but now I'm thinking that space is better served with drawers and I should move it to an upper cabinet next to range. My cab maker can make those hinged and slide in door cabinets but says that they start to come off the hinges all the time and he's constantly repairing them. 2 Questions: Do you think it's weird to have the micro in a regular cabinet with a door? I don't want to see it all the time and I figure if it breaks, we have a decent size space with a shelf above to just change out a microwave rather than worry about fitting a new one perfectly. And also, those with the microwaves in an upper cabinet position, how is it? (we're not a tall family)!



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It would be good if you could post your layout for help with the trash pull-out. You could consider putting it under the sink if there's room. (I just posted about putting it under sink and several replied with pics).

If you put microwave in a cabinet it will need to be a deeper cabinet that standard upper depth. Decide on the size of your microwave so you can figure out whether this will work.

We decided to go with a microwave "semi" built-in. I say that because it will be a shelf above the counter, but have a frame around it (1/4") so it looks more built-in but will still accept most microwaves (with a cabinet above the microwave). We wanted the flexibility of a shelf with the more finished look. Hopefully it will look good when we finally get everything delivered!

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Hi Cathy -
I didn't even think of that! Can i still have it in a standard upper if i just get a smaller microwave so it fits in? like a "cabinet depth microwave?". Here are some pics. They are not exactly right as there will be some uppers where that blank wall is on the stove side. There will be an additional upper cabinet next to the stove where I was thinking of moving the micro. Then I was thinking of putting the trash either in the lower where the cabinet is to the right of the stove or at the end.

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GE spacesaver microwaves fit in a standard size cabinet.

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Sink side (we're getting a wide sink as well)

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This pic shows a microwave placed above the sink that might work in your situation:

This pic shows a microwave with a built-in look:

In your situation, I'd put the trash can under the sink.

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Thanks Stacy - I think I'm going to just have to put it down below like i planned....I want to keep it hidden...

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I have my silverware drawer over my trash. I thought I wouldn't because the thought of it made me a little queasy, but there's actually a solid piece of wood between the upper drawer and the trash pullout, so I found it didn't bother me after all.

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I think the cabinet as planned, under the sink, or on the range run would all be good options. On the range run, you can put in whatever size you want, then use the extra inches to make the other cabinets or drawers a little bigger so the inches aren't wasted.

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Regarding trash, I managed to get three trash receptacles in our kitchen but I've found the one I use the most is the one by the range ( dish towel hanging on the handle). That is my main prep area so it's super handy! Next most used is under the prep sink by the coffee machine, grounds etc.... The "main" trash is the least used, not to say it doesn't become over flowing quickly

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Microwave, we only heat in ours so I purchased a very small one, only 12 inches deep since I wanted a built in look. Works great for us. It's mounted underneath a short cabinet and I'm very pleased with both the form and function. Ignore the construction photo, one of these days i will post before and afters!

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What's the make of your microwave?
Despite the fact I specially made a base, microwave cabinet, I found I hate bending over.
I can easily retrofit that cabinet with drawers, but I hesitated because I hadn't seen a 12" microwave! I only heat coffee, too. :)

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Good point about using trash during prep - I do as well, but i have it beside my DW. Do you have a disposal? If so then you could probably live with trash by the range/where you prep. I would still put a small trash can under your sink anyway, for clean up trash. But if you have no disposal, then put the trash by the sink.

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I wonder if you could put your dishwasher on the other side of the sink? I'm no designer, so the first issue might be the heat of the DW next to the fridge. But IF you could do this, you could put your trash on the end where it would be next to the sink and also accessible to the walkway for others getting to trash while cook is prepping??? I'm guessing DW next to fridge might be an issue, though.

Here's a trash pull-out under sink discussion:

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Tricia -

I too have a galley kitchen and my layout is almost exactly as you have planned - DW then sink then trash pull-out (including compost bin) with silverware drawer above it (with a double-stack inside). I love it! I also put my other recycling - paper and glass/plastic under the sink so I like having all of the recycling and trash together in one zone. Next to the pull-out I have my range with OTR microwave which I also love although I don't think an OTR is what you are going for. Here are some pictures post-renovation.

I also agree that you will be happy regardless of where you put your pull-out because the galley is so efficient with everything so close. I just like to prep at the sink with the pull-out open for easy clean-up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to my galley kitchen reno.

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Regarding microwave depth again, just to cover another option, you can very likely use the depth of the wall behind. That's what we did--used horizontal 2x4s and vertical 2x4s to frame a niche between vertical 2x4s in the wall to the size we needed. It was all the depth required to set in a standard size. It can end up looking like Tanajo's classy job. Our is just sitting on a shelf, but it's part of a taller niche with a coffee/tea counter below.

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GE monogram spacemaker II. mounted underneath the cabinet and then some "fancy" trim. Wala! Built in! This model is PLENTY big inside for us

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Wow...this is all so helpful! Ok, so yes, we do have a disposal and now that I'm thinking of the way I prep: i tend to prep next to the sink even though I have more countertop next to the range. The other times I use the trash is whenI'm washing dishes so I'm thinking I should keep it next to the sink. And now that I know more of you have a utensil drawer right under, I'm feeling good about it.

The dishwasher moving is interesting....but I'm thinking I'd rather break up the stainless and maybe it's better if my 2 and 4 year old didn't have good access to the trash as they tend to start playing with the pedal, making it talk, etc.

So microwave is interesting. I feel like I'd rather just put it in a cabinet so it's not customized at all for the micro. That way if we need to change it in a few years, I'm not worried about the size. Now, my only concern is will I hate bending down? My reasoning was that its higher than the oven racks So how bad can it be? Plus, we are not a tall family...but I'm curious about how people who have lower microwaves feel...

Brooklyn - love your kitchen. It's what we want in different colors! Can you show me a wide pic of the other side and share anything else you love/not love about the setup/sizing/etc? Is that caesarstone? We're getting raven caesarstone and it has the same texture....


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Tricia -

In my earlier message at the bottom is a link to all the photos of my kitchen after the renovation - that post has all of the details and photos you might be interested in.

Yes, we have Caesarstone - Rosemary (a color now discontinued - sadly) and love it! The Raven you have chosen is beautiful.

I love my kitchen and have yet to find something I would change! I spent a ton of time measuring and trying to find a home for everything before deciding on a final layout (I found this part fun) - if you haven't done this already, I highly recommend it.

Also, I too have a pre-schooler (just one - age 3.5) - she has her own drawer - the first base cabinet on the right when you walk into the kitchen - at the bottom of a row of 4, 18" drawers in the picture below although it's slightly blocked - the drawer keeps her busy and involved in the kitchen - it's been a ton of fun! Just a thought as it might work for your two kids - being at the start of the galley, it keeps her from being under-foot and/or too close to the hot range.

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If you have small children you may not want the microwave in a base cabinet. I think you'd be better off with it above the counter. I use my microwave a lot and I know I wouldn't be happy with it in the base, but many people love it there. It really depends on function. Do some pretending every time you go to the microwave and bend down to base level and reach up to cabinet level and see which you prefer.

I knew I wanted to free up counter space and I also knew that over the range just is a bit too high, so upper cabinet height will be fine for me.

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Sorry Brooklyn - missed the link the first time. Your kitchen is a perfect use of space and exactly what we're aiming for. I was thinking of putting a 4 drawer base cabinet at the end as well and now I know it looks great. I actually am putting in 3 toe kick drawers in that run and told my 4 year old she gets to have one of the drawers. She already has a plan!

Cathy - I'm going to do some fake microwave swats and see how I feel!

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Tricia -

Thanks for the kind words. I LOVE your toe-kick idea - what a brilliant way to use EVERY inch. Can't wait to see your final kitchen plan.

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My MW is next to fridge, over DW. I moved it away from over the range because it's "exhaust" feature was a total joke. I have 2 almost teens and I'm so very very happy that I moved the MW outside my stove triangle. Just my $0.02. Good luck with your decisions.

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