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joe_mnNovember 11, 2013

2 bedroom quad home. Gas forced air furnace. 2 bedrooms over garage. Bedrooms are cool. Vent temp in bedroom #2 is 94f. Vent temp in living room is 114f. Outside temp is 21f. Duct in garage ceiling is in joist bay. Garage is sheet rocked. Do not know how big duct is inside bay? Unless I pul down Sheetrock I will not know if bay is even insulated? How do I get bedroom vent temp higher? IF duct is sheet metal, could I replace it with flexible, insulated duct? Would that help at all?

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CJ Mechanical of North jersey llc.

i would say pipe is not insulated. remove some rock to investigate. only way to correct or run electric heat .

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Hvac outfit said insulating pipe/vent would have minimal effect. Says blowing in some more insulation into each bay would help most. House is 1978 vintage. IF bay is insulated, it's probably r-11 or maybe r-19. So there is an air gap between floor and insulation batt. Hvac guy says fill gap with blown insulation

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