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dndsmomJuly 20, 2010

I just moved into a new house and have yet to turn my dryer on, as the previous owners had a gas dryer, so there currently isn't a plug wired for my electric one. We had an electrician in the house (for that, but mainly other reasons) and he suggested we go for a gas dryer, since the hook-up is already there, and we are now on smart meters for hydro (pay diff rate at diff time of day).

Anyway, we are seriously considering this, but have NO idea where to start looking! Right now I have a front loader Frigidaire washer w/ matching dryer (regular door). The set cost $1200 and was bought 4.5 years ago. Am I better off buying both new? or just a dryer, since the washer is fine? (not sure if you get a good discount when you buy a pair)

What brand(s) is best? I probably won't want to spend much over $1000 total, since we just dropped $5000 on new kitchen appliances.

Thanks very much.

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There's no need to replace the washer. As long as the capacities are matched, ANY dryer will work with ANY washer. There's nothing magical about a matched pair. It's only an aesthetic issue. I've been running a non-matched washer/dryer pair for two years.

Choosing a gas dryer is largely a matter of visiting your choice of various stores to compare models, finding one with the features and capacity you need, and telling the salesperson, "OK, I want the gas version of this one." If for some odd reason your selection is available only in electric, then you'd need to make an alternate choice.

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