Electrolux Whine

jeriJuly 9, 2010

If you have the Electrolux Wave Touch Dryer please tell me if you have this whine or not. Please also tell me if your machine is Gas or Electric. Mine is electric. I wonder if this makes a difference?

I thought I would start my own thread since I have been talking about this on several of the other threads.

First  I donÂt want to scare anyone away from these machines. It doesnÂt sound like all machines exhibit this problem. IÂm going to try to find a solution and will keep you guys posted  hoping it will help others too.

The repair guy came and went. He told his company that it sounded like an airplane taking off and agreed it was not normal. They (his repair shop) are turning it back over to Electrolux. My DH has a couple ideas he is going to try in the mean time.

If you have any suggestions, IÂm willing to try them and let you know. :-)

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Jeri, I am the three week owner of an IQ set. As I said under the other topic, there is no whine coming from my dryer. I am sitting about 10 feet away from the running dryer now. I can hear it run, but it is quieter than any other dryer I have had in the past. I hope they replace yours because mine is working perfectly and I have done about 60 loads in the last three weeks.

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Thanks for the input Electroluxor  There must be a solution to this. I really like these machines and have been waiting a long time for them.

I just looked and the IQ is also 8.0 cu. Ft. and comes with the steam option. I suppose I could switch to an IQ if necessary.

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Electroluxor  Do you have a Gas or Electric dryer?

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! ! ! â P R O B L E M â S O L V E D â ! ! !

It was the venting. I donÂt really know why  perhaps the first vent tube we put on was not a good fit. DH purchased a different one  one that is heavy duty and fit all the way on very tightly. He also changed the angle so there is not such a bend in it. No More Whine! DH is going to change the location of the outside vent so there is no bend at all.

! ! ! â Happy Dance â ! ! !

I was worried that my recent posts have caused a few people to turn away from Electrolux. IÂm really very impressed with these machines and the service. I called Electrolux on last Thursday afternoon and got right through to a human who was very courteous. She arranged for a repair person to show up the next day between 10:00 and 1:00 and said I would receive a call when the technician was 15 minutes out. I then received a call from the repair place confirming all of this. I did receive the call the next day and the repair man showed up at 10:30. He had never heard of this issue and agreed that it was not right. He called (not sure who) and we were told that we would be contacted on Monday for the next step. So I really canÂt complain about the service either.

! ! ! â Happy Dance â ! ! !

I just had to tell everyone! &ensp :-)

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That is great news about your issue getting fixed and Electrolux customer service. Comments about the whine made me a little nervous about Electrolux, but I too am happy with my new washer and dryer. The dryer made a slight whine sound during the install (not anything like the youtube video), but afterwards I barely notice it. I'll keep your tip about no bends in the line in mind when we move it to its perm location.

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I'm not even sure it was the bend. DH installed the dryer and used the old (and cheap) tubing. I'm not sure there wasn't a hole or just a bad connection causing the problem. These units are 8.0 cu. Ft so they probably put out a lot more air than our previous 12 y.o. machine did. The new tube he put on is very solid and slips all the way snug to the back of the machine as opposed to just clamping on the end (I hope that makes sense).

I probably over reacted since I had read about this issue here and IÂm feeling bad about that. DH is feeling like it was his bad install. The bottom line is that these are quality machines and the Electrolux support appears top notch. I received a call early this morning from the repair shop saying that they had been in touch with Electrolux and they would have Sears swap out the machine. I told him what we found and he profusely thanked me. He said he would be calling Electrolux right back since they want to stay informed on every customer issue until it is resolved. Got to love that. :-)

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jeri, we have the rigid vent pipe. The way we have to have it vent out is we have it vented from the side of the dryer, then 90 degrees down then few feet after that another 90 degree going outside. it is almost like a long Z. Do you think this is why i still have the whine? DH says we have the only kind of rigid vent piping on there now, but i do think it had to be clamped, plus i taped the gee whiz out of it. If it was an easy thing, i would have him vent it in a straight line out, but there are electrical lines in the wall right where we would need to go. But i SO want the whine to be better. We got the pipe at Lowes in the same isle as the vent cover. Is that what you are using?

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Rosesark - I'll talk to DH this evening and let you know exactly what he used. :-)

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