Space Heater Question

country_bumpkin_alNovember 18, 2011

I use space heaters for heat(window unit for cooling). This heater was a Christmas gift last year, so was used only a few months. Started using it this year, and for some reason only 1 of the bricks "glows". This is a picture taken with the setting on HIGH and both bricks should be on/glowing. If I leave it on the HIGH setting, within a few minutes, the whole heater shuts off. If I have it on the LOW setting (one brick), it stays on, but the brick never glows. Any ideas what the problem might be?

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Given that I am not an expert, is this a gas heater?

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Yes it is! Guess because I knew that, I assumed everyone did! lol

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unvented gas heater busdriver.

you should take it to gas provider and have it checked out.
the fuel line could be plugged or t-stat not working.
it may just need cleaning.
I'd have it checked out prior to using.

best of luck.

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A canof air fixed it!!! :)

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Good, all unvented heaters either blue flame, radiant brick or yellow flame logsets require at least an annual clean and service by a qualified gas technician. If the burner gets dust, spiders, animal hair in the burner it may burn poorly and give off carbon monoxide. Please, if you must use them, keep them serviced and clean.
Gas Tech.

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