washing machine water hose vibrates

auzzyJuly 14, 2011

Hi--I was just about to go out and look for a new washing machine when I decided to check the Laundry Forum. I didn't know that govt regulations had resulted in manufacturers' lowering the water temps on washers. I thought my washer just didn't work, as the water never gets very hot.

I have a Kenmore 600 that I bought in 3/10, so the warranty is expired. It is a very noisy machine. When the temp. is set to hot, the hose vibrates and thumps and also causes the hose for the bathroom sink, located on the second floor above the first floor laundry room to vibrate and thump, too. I just had the bathroom remodeled last fall, so I called the plumber who installed the bathroom sink, thinking perhaps it was a plumbing installation problem. After spending 2 hrs, he concluded that when the washer is set on hot that cold water turns on but doesn't open all the way, making the hose vibrate. He thought perhaps it was a solenoid valve problem. Since the machine is noisy and never gets very hot water, I thought I'd just replace it instead of paying for Sears appliance repair.

But now I read on this forum that most new washers don't get water very hot. If that is the case, then I'm not sure what to do. Has anyone else had a problem with the hose vibrating and causing an upstairs sink hose to vibrate and thump, too? Any ideas on what is causing this? I hate to pay Sears for a diagnostic visit. Thanks, Auzzy

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Sounds like you might have 'water hammer.' "Google" it and see if this matches what is going on.

..."he concluded that when the washer is set on hot that cold water turns on but doesn't open all the way..."
As for the hot water, I'm confused as to why the cold water would be turning on, at all.

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No, I don't think it's water hammer. It doesn't make a noise when the water stops. What happens is that when the water is running through the washer hose it makes the hose move back and forth, creating a thumping noise, and also makes the hose upstairs under the bathroom sink do the same thing.

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Hoses don't vibrate and thump without impulses acting upon from some source. Don't know anything about this particular machine but your description sounds to me like fill solenoid fluttering upon activation, probably associated with ATC control. Those fluctuations would immediately transfer to hose (the wiggle) and can be transmitted elsewhere. If that's what's going on, replacement relatively simple/cheap. For purposes of enquiry call, might just suggest that's it and consider cost based on what told for price of the part.

If that's what's happening, it probably also explains the lack of hot water issue although latest model ATC controls are all over the map as far as what they deliver for "hot", "warm", or "cold". That's the entire industry's dirty little secret these days.

If you like the machine otherwise, would advise repair if cost reasonable.

If you'd like a seriously hot wash sometime, you'll probably need a different machine with a built-in heater.

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Thanks asolo. I called Sears and it would cost me $129 for labor and $75 for the solenoid, for a total of $205 with a 90 day warranty. Or they have a second option: pay $214 for labor and any parts with a 1 year warranty. I just paid the plumber $135 today and paid $500 for the washer 16 months ago. I've never liked how noisy the machine is. After I bought it, I noticed that The Great Indoors sells the same washer but with an option to pay a little more for an option that made it quieter. I'll have to think about whether to invest money in this machine or use the $200 towards a machine that is not so noisy. I prefer a top loader, and there does not appear to be much on the market that people recommend. Thanks again for your help.

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Not my place to say, perhaps, but....

My opinion about washing machines (and a few other things) is that I use them / live with them every day, day after day, year after year. If they're noisy or don't do what I need them to do, I either fix them or replace them with something that does.

If you're going to be living where you are for a while, I would consider replacing with something that pleases you before spending that kind of money on this machine. If you're not staying there long, you still have to have a machine that works. In that case the repair would be a better bet...assuming you can endure the other dissatisfactions.

Anyway, FWIW....sorry for your trouble. Stuff like that annoys the heck out of me.

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