Floor style humidifier w/forced air HVAC?

dwpcNovember 25, 2012

We didn't need a humidifier in coastal CA, but here in N AZ its needed all year to protect the furniture, hardwood floor, and musical instruments, We have a lot of questions:

Can we use a floor-style humidifier with a forced-air system?

Must they be centrally located?

Are they messy?

Is duct-mounted type inherently more effective?

Do the duct-mounted type need a major plumbing job for a water supply?

What kind of maintenance are we looking at?

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Put it in front of the return.

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Our returns (3) are in the ceiling.

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In my previous house I used a floor console humidifier. It was on the first floor in the entry foyer. The humid circulated throughout both floors of the house.

The consoles tend to be noisy. You also need to clean them each year and change the belt.

My advice would be to get a humidifier installed in your HVAC system. The plumbing is usually a flexible copper line attached to an existing water line. It will still need cleaning maintenance.

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