washer and dryer - something simple, attractive, not overpriced??

seegayeJuly 8, 2010

It can be topload. It can be frontload. It CANT be complicated - I have a cell phone for that.

Just changed to propane so am wanting a propane or convertable to propane dryer. Just me and husband here and we are not 'into' whether our whites are whiter and brights are brighter. We care how we look, but are not obsessed.

One issue I do have... I am an artist. My house is being remodeled to include some nice, rich, earthy colors. I dont see a white set being part of that. My laundry room - unless I keep the door shut - is visible from the kitchen and dining area. White wont do. Could buy some Thompsons Stainless Paint and paint it, I suppose...

I am so uttery amazed that one cannot just buy a washer and dryer without having to take a short course on how to manage the thing. Is there anything out there that is simple, not overpriced, and attractive?

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If "white won't do" then you are not going to find a basic unit or one that is fairly inexpensive. So...you are going to have to buy probably more than you need. Find the color (or colors) that you want then come back and ask any questions you have about the manufacturer/model.

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I understand your concern mismatched colors - especially since you're an artist. However, my honest opinion would be to rather shut the laundry room door and have a good set of laundry appliances than a flashy set of junk.

Frigidaire has a new line of front loaders, which are, it seems, largely based on the expensive Electrolux IQ Touch washers. They retail from 950 to 1150 Dollars. Available in silver, red, blue... and white. Go to Frigidaire.com - the new models all have "Ready Steam".

If you absolutely want an earthy tone, look at Maytag front loaders. They have a color called oxide. These are generally a little more expensive compared to Frigidaire.

Both washers are easy to use: no menus, just on/off buttons. Read the manual and maybe copy the page with the cycle overview and you should be fine.

HTH, Alex

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We were looking at appliances last night and came across a Samsung WF330ANW set. They were $569.00 for the washer and the same for the dryer. They also come in colors.
The set had just about every option you would want except for the steam and silvercare options. If you won't be using those you won't miss them. they seemed to be very well built and there are good reviews out there about this model.

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Thank you for the excellent advice and the kindness to take the time to answer. I will look into all of these. Went to HD, Lowes, and Sears yesterday to look around. Sears had the best deals right now. Found that the topload Bravos that I had heard such good things about was $$$. Sears had some LGs on sale but still not cheap and doesnt take into account the costs of the pedastals. Cant see gettting on my hands and knees to do laundry so would need those. I am also looking on Craigslist and other sites. I have found some used that look nice - LG, Kenmores, and one Samsung dryer. Found a Miele set that is nice and looks like a good deal, but it is white, of course. My husband wants me to buy new but I am thinking I can get a decent machine used at a better price. I will take a look at the ones you guys mentioned here also. Thank you again!

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