Washcloths are stiff and hard...

famous_worldJuly 9, 2008

Is that due to a bar soap build-up? I've tried rinsing, but to no avail. Any tips or tricks to getting them soft like their matching towels?

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My washcloths do the same thing, even when I buy good ones. I think it is the combination of them being made out of a different fabric than the towels, perhaps, and the use of soaps and scrubs. Any make-up or cosmetics seem to build up and they get scratchy.

I gave up and bought some 10 for $3 washcloths at Target. They are already a bit scratchy, but I like them on my face for their exfoliating action. I use them once, wash them, then turn them into rags when they get too ratty. I use a sponge on the rest of my body so it doesn't stay wet all the time.

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Do you have a frontload washer?

I have that problem and its due to soap not rinsing out due to lack of water. The funny thing is some of my hand towels feel soft but the towels and washcloths are stiff.
Have you done a rinse in clear bowl? just dip and swish around and see if there is residue.

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You know, I've tried rinsing them, but nothing seems to come out??? And I do have a frontload washer. And the rest of my towels are fine. Strange. Perhaps a rinse with vinegar/ water will do? I'll try and let you know. Boy, it is frustrating.

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Yes it is frustrating!!

Good Luck

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Have you tried a wash cycle with just vinegar?

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Cynic, I am intrigued - how much vinegar, what kind, at what setting, and doesn't the laundry end up smelling of it?

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Follow up to original post:

So, I soaked and attempted to rinse (again) the washcloths with vinegar/ water combo. One of the them actually felt gooey as if there was gel in it? The water seemed a little soiled but not soapy. I will let it sit overnight, but doubt anything will change unless there is some agitation involved. I'll go ahead and run the load through the washer with vinegar tomorrow as well. It's truly unbelievable how soap can build up. I'm wondering if it would make a difference to try Charlie's Soap or the like on them? Hmmm...

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I was told today by the tech that came to check my washer to only use Tide powder and fabric softner mixed with water and not to use "Charlies soap or All soap". I am so confused about this soap stuff! He told me to only use powder of any kind, because the liquid doesnt rinse out and leaves gunk all over in the washer tub.

Anytime I use washer rags or wash clothes I always rinse them out thoroughly and then hang them to dry before I wash them.

I still have the problem!!! He told me to call Whirlpool again.

I dont know if you have read any of my posts, but I have had my washer replaced due to tangle & soap issue.

2nd washer 2 months ago and same thing. I think its lack of water in these new models and there is nothing they can do.

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When I add vinegar to a wash cycle I'll use a cup or two on my top loader. I just pour in a couple circles. When I use it in a rinse cycle I use a Downy ball and fill it. No, there's no smell from it. When vinegar evaporates, the smell goes away and vinegar will help rinse out soaps/detergents.

One other thought is how hard is your water? Maybe a softening agent (like Calgon) would help. If you use it, be sure to cut down on the amount of detergent you use.

I use liquid soaps, not bar soaps. Haven't used bar soaps for probably 20 years. But I don't have any issues with softness on towels or washcloths. I'm actually surprised how soft they are. My softener died and I have moderately hard water. But I'm careful on how much detergent I use and if I use too much I add a rinse cycle (or more) to get it out.

BTW, an occasional hot wash with vinegar is a good idea for machine maintenance. I usually opt for a bleach run once or twice a year if I don't use bleach in the laundry, but might run a vinegar wash on occasion too. I don't recommend mixing them though.

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Strange as it may seem but the world of towel making may also be conspiring against you. I recently went in search of good towels and discovered the really great ones, made in america by fieldcrest the real royal velvet went belly up. After a long conversation with the towel lady about weaves and fabrics and blends and what is added to the towel and absorbency and washing etc,, I settled on the 100% cotton towels which were on clearance, I took home a wash cloth of a number of towels from different manufacturers ranging in price and weave and I was surprised that once washed and tried out these cheaper clearance towels really ended up the softest. I did wash them in my new FL and used 1/2 the amount of Charlie's Soap. What I did notice is that when the residue was off my existing towels as well as the new ones, they get fluffier and perhaps more like a real terry cloth feel rather than that slick velvety feel. Towels are not like the used to be and sadly it seems to be trial and error as to what makes a soft, washable absorbent towel over time.

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