More photo upload testing

gwtamaraJune 5, 2012

Hi folks!

We've been doing some more tweaks and I think you'll be happy with the results. Here's what's up:

No more resizing! We've upped the size restriction from 250kb to 5 meg, so for most photos, you shouldn't have to resize them before uploading.

If you would like to share photos on our Photo Galleries - Garden or Home- it will automatically generate a coded url that will allow you to cut and paste the url into this window so that your photo will magically appear. ;)

Unfortunately, you can't upload more than one photo per post.

Ignore the Uploading Images instructions below - they'll change once we roll out the changes to all forums.

Any questions, let me know!

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Thanks Tamara!!!!!

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Thanks for your continued tweaking. Wow, that was easy. Lily is the one in the middle.

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That's my son on the right. He's very proud of himself in the pix. He just finished his first ever 50K bike ride. He's Type 1 diabetic & it was a diabetes charity event in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Wow, this is easy! Thanks, GW.


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So glad that I don't have to resize. Thanks. That was a pain. Here's my windowbox.

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OK, I'll play.

Here's Sassy, ready for dinner (I guess I set the table too early).


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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I just love this picture.

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Still can't upload on the iPad:(


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If this's my daughter and I....can you guess?

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2004 trip to Ireland with my Mom. She had to have this picture!

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Karen, I didn't know you and your mom went to Ireland. I'm sure that made for lovely memories. That is a lovely piece of crystal.

I like all these off-topic pictures.

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Tamara, I'm wondering if there is a possibility of moving the 'return to cooking forum' button up, alongside of the 'preview' button. I often hit preview when I actually meant to go back to the forum. Now, with the picture instructions it's even further down.



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Hi Nancy,

Working on it.



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I wanted to check how this tall skinny photo would show up. I noticed that all of the other pictures seemed to be resized to the same width and that the thumbnail or preview was the same size as the photo when clicked on. I liked it better when the thumbnails were small and then you could click on it to get a large photo.

Anyway, this photo is one I took this week of a bromeliad in my back yard that I've had for two years, and this is the first time it has bloomed. It has two spikes, but one is much taller and bigger than the other. I had no idea what the flowers would look like, and I was a bit disappointed at first, but now I'm getting used to it, especially since the flowers seem to last quite a long time. The purple parts haven't even opened yet, and it's had spikes for a month now. It's got wicked leaves - like a very sharp saw blade - and so it is difficult to tend, but it seems impervious to pests of any kind.


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That's odd, Lars. The photo in the post is huge (IOW, this "thumbnail" is bigger than a horse's hoof!), and when you click on it, the linked photo is much smaller!

Beautiful bromeliad, BTW. Eons ago, I had a lovely bromeliad with the same purple-pink colors but flowers and leaves of a different shape. The bloom lasted for months.


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I don't know what happened either! This picture ended up being 640 wide, which is bigger than the original photo that I uploaded, which was 505x1200.

It is a huge bromeliad, however - the flower spike is over four feet high. There is someone in Culver City who has this same bromeliad growing in their front yard, according to Kevin, and he drives by it on his way to work.


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