Samsung SpeedSpray

clinresgaJuly 21, 2012

Anyone acquired one of the new SpeedSpray washers? Any truth to the claim of 25% shorter cycles? Not to mention the other bells and whistles?

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I have one (look for my earlier post). I think the speedspray is the reason why my clothes are snagging and looking older, pilling, linty etc. Having said that, the samsung wf405 cleans really well, removes stains, and leaves clothes super soft...but it is rough on clothes.

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Can't speak for Samsung's system but the LG one seems to work fine, if you believe Both sped up Normal cycles on the LG WM3470HVA and on the Kenmore Elite 41472 worked well. Samsung's SpeedSpray looks to work practically the same.


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marketing nonsense.

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Well, we had two Electrolux washers. One with jet and one without. The one with the jet - an Electrolux trademark, by the way - soaked the clothes way faster and never struggled to saturate big loads during the rinse cycle. Plus, is a spray rinse on a top loader nonsense? This machine does the same, actually.


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samsung has many features that are marketing silliness, such at "VRT", PowerFoam, and my all-time favorite--Steam. Steam doesn't do diddly in the washer. Steam IS useful in the dryer for removing wrinkles from already-dry items.

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It's only a matter of time before Samsung will allow you to check your email on your washing machine and receive Facebook notifications on your toaster.

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Hey whirlpool trainee. How were the results of the laundry vs the electrolux without the jets and the one with the jets?

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Never mind about that. I am talking about 24" Electrolux washers for our Euro market. The one without jet washed well but sometimes it would fill for the rinse - to a very low level - and then do its rinse tumbles as normal. Just before the end of the rinse, it sometimes happened that the washer realized that all the water had been soaked up by the load and add some more water, only to drain it immediately afterwards because the rinse cycle had timed out. That never happened on the Lux with forced water circulation.

However, all US Lux washers have at least a passive jet (if you so will) that dumps water on the clothes as it fills. This is similar to how my Duet works and I never encountered un-soaked clothes during a rinse.

RE steam: never mind about that, Dave... It seems more and more manufacturers are moving away from steam generators: Electrolux, WhirlTag and LG are already using the regular heating element to create whatever they call "steam". Seems more like a profile wash option IMO.


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I euphemistically refer to my Bissell carpet cleaner as a "steam cleaner". Of course, it doesn't actually provide steam. I DO have a handheld steam generator that came with my previous Bissell carpet cleaner--it's supposed to be good for cleaning grout and whatnot. I've used it a few times and it does provide actual, real, steam. :)

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