Miele W4840 - Any Repairs on yours

chefwongJuly 29, 2013

I think I may have to call Miele Service on this.

I've looked at the door hinge. - it seems snug, tight with no slop.
However, it needs a little *push* to get it to latch. It's as if the door is about 2-3mm lower than where it should be and it does not engage into the door easily

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Well, I called service and my appt is 2 weeks out..

Should any Miele gurus read this, what was the reasoning for discontinuing the 48XX series.

Granted, the hard core Miele fans will still want the 220V units....but there is a market for a bigger tubs when you can't have two 220V back at home ;-)

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There have been problems with the door latches. I seem to recall seeing some posts here in the past, with this series washer. We had to have the latch replaced on our W4842 because something was glitchy. I forget exactly what it was, because that happened two years ago, but it was similar to the problems posted here.

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I've run the entire gamut on the hinge and finished with my own modification. The hinge is made of the wrong alloy composition and eventually sags owed to the weight of the door assembly. Its second design flaw is that there is no hinge adjustment. Miele's final solution was a roller latch guide receiver.

My solution was to remove the front panel (very heavy); remove the door assembly; there are two holes that the hinge pins engage that are located in the front panel under the hinge, using the lower hinge pin hole scribe an arc at the center of the top hinge pin hole outwards; use a rotary tool or a Dremel to grind the arc along the scribe mark the size of the hinge pin. This will allow you to move the hinge over thereby moving the door latch upwards (compensating for the sagging and stretching of the alloy hinge). Use the proper thread-lock on the two bolts and I also used cyanoacrylate on the inside hinge backing plate to help ensure no moment. You are restricted as to how far you can move the hinge as it hits where the depression of the door stamping indentation meets the bevel and this only allows so much adjustment.

I did this modification about nine months into ownership as Miele simply could not fix the issue without it recurring. It's going on five years now, and I've encountered about 1mm sag over that period, but the latch and its receiver are still well within tolerances to where there are no issues. If it again becomes a problem, I am simply going to repeat the arc modification on the lower hinge pin hole or grind away stock from the hinge to allow further adjustment and repaint the hinge.

I was going to do a photo essay with instructions, but this is not something that I would encourage people to try. And I was royally pissed-off with Miele at the time.

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Farenheight -

From the looks of it, to remove the front panel, the top panel needs to come off ? Can you confirm.
I see the side screws on both sides for the top.

I need to plan - if this is the case for the repair guy.
My setup - the washer is pretty buttoned up on both sides with cabinets...

I'll need to get my *air bags movers* to slide the beast out gently if both side access is required ...

Any insight

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Miele might opt to replace the washerâÂÂs latch assembly on both the door and the front panel as they have a kit; this kit will not resolve the hinge fatigue and the latch will eventually fall out of alignment. The top lid does have to come up, but not necessarily off to unscrew the front control panel. Miele techs have what looks like a chair mat for wood floors that they slip under the washer to pull it forward so there is no need for you to pull the washer out. They simply pull the washer out far enough to work on the front panel and door. I will be surprised if they replace the door hinge itself so please keep us informed. However, near the end of the model run, Miele became more accommodating to owners.

Also, while the Miele tech is there ask for them to explain to you the washer spacer trick for the dryer door to compensate for lath alignment as the dryerâÂÂs door hinge appears to be made of the same alloy and will also exhibit fatigue over time. The dryer latch sagging out of alignment is more detrimental to the dryer working as when it sags it eventually break the receiver latch assembly and hence the safety switch in the receiver assembly allowing the dryer to run. Have them check both your washer and dryer firmware for any updates that they can easily upload while there; in fact, if you have any other Miele products that allow firmware updates have them check those too.

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Thanks. I need to do some moving magic before he comes them. It's not just sliding it out the 8 inches to get to to the side screw. One side is easy. My issue is to the left of it, I have a table island.......so moving it out 3 feet, he still has no room on that side.

I guess I will need to do as planned and move it out ahead of time.

I bought *airsleds* just specific to moving appliances in the house to mitigate f-up on the flooring

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Tech came. Coming back again with parts...

It is pretty KEWL on how they connect the computer.
No need to open the unit up at all or connect a cable.

For those that are not familiar, they connect via some sort of quasi serial box that is done via *touch*, not wireless, but some sort of physical touching of the panel.

Their computer see's and read the settings, the logs, etc.

For those in the KNOW, does ASKO offer similar technical servicing capacities from a programming if not a technical support perspective.

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It is not difficult to came across complaints concerning this model. But anyways you need to call service or probably to find some skillful technician.

))) skillful is just necessary requirement! http://www.pissedconsumer.com/browse-reviews/electronics-repair.html

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Farenheight - While almost spot on your assesment, a year later and Miele is scheduled to be back next week. Not sure if it just needed some blue loctite the 1st time around, but the sag is back - but I can lift the door and the hinge can rock up and down on the front panel....

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I'm interested in what the Miele tech has to say about your situation after their final visit. It's too bad that Miele handled this series so poorly as the series styling will be an aspect I miss when we replace our washer and dryer. Please ask the Miele tech if they have newer revised parts for what they replace, thanks.

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I have a spare brand new hinge on hand was the end result .

I already had the new roller latches on the door.
He just pulled the boot and snugged up the nuts on the hinge -- I sorta got what I was hoping for, which was a final service call with parts on hard. He just snugged up what was needed and left me the parts he had for the repair. He left saying he was going to have HQ send me new nuts as well...

There was one more part I described over the phone, which was the rear door on the soap dispenser. Tech mentioned this was the 1st time he saw this redesigned piece.New one does not have a spring. It's pretty tight. Meaning, if I just hold running water over the faucet, the door does not release back. Sofar, in a couple of wash cycles (water in the machine dispensing water), no leaks and no standby water leftover --- so that door is draining/dispensing okay.

I had a similar final call on my Wolf which I must have had like 8-9 repairs during the warranty period. On the last service call right before warranty ended, tech just left me a bunch of parts in which by now, I knew what needed replacing, etc.

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