Help with my new Mieles

hlg222July 31, 2012

I recently bought a set of the 24" Mieles, which were delivered a few weeks ago. I have noticed a couple of quirks that I'm hoping people can advise on...

-- I am using very little detergent (Persil), but have had several loads where suds are left in the machine after the wash cycle and I've had to do additional rinses. Last night, for example, I was washing a small load of table linens and kitchen towels, and used probably only about 2 tsp. of detergent. After the wash, I ran two rinse cycles, and then a beach towel cycle, and still saw suds in the seal and on the door at the end. I just gave up at that point and put them in the dryer as it was midnight, but was frustrated. I also had this happen with a full load for which I used a scant 2 Tbsp. of Persil. I am going to experiment with using less detergent or running a wash with no detergent to see if it might be due to residue, but is there a better way to get the suds out when it does happen than just running rinse after rinse?

-- A fair amount of water is left in the seal after a wash, I'd say around 1/4 of a cup. It does not drain out, and I've had to keep a towel around to mop this out after I'm done with the laundry, as I didn't want to leave water in the machine that could get stinky and mildewy. Is this normal?

-- My dryer's red check lint/vent light keeps coming on. There's no obstruction in the vent and the lint filter is clean. Not sure if it's affecting the dryer cycle (?) as I've noticed this when I've gone down to take the clothes out at the end of a drying cycle, and the clothes are dry when I take them out. The Miele technicians who installed the W/D didn't say anything about the length of the vent being a problem, but that's the only thing I can think of? Once I open the door and shut it again, the light goes off.

-- Any tips on getting pet hair off of things? I have a problem especially with my sheets; the cat hair will ball up and little balls will cling to the sheets. This is not unique to the Mieles, but I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions on settings to use that might help.

I'd be grateful for any advice - it seems that there's a fairly steep learning curve compared to the old top loaders I've always had.

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The excess suds could be coming out of your clothing if your previous washer was a top loader. With higher spin speeds the Miele spins out more moisture including suds build up from your clothes. If it is excess suds build up eventually it will go away as the clothes are washed again.

As for the pet hair, front loading type washing machines have no lint filters. They depend on the dryer to remove lint, pet hair, etc.

Check your installation manual for your dryer to see what the maximum exhaust outlet length is and see if yours falls within those boundaries.

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"I am using very little detergent (Persil), but have had several loads where suds are left in the machine after the wash cycle and I've had to do additional rinses. Last night, for example, I was washing a small load of table linens and kitchen towels, and used probably only about 2 tsp. of detergent. After the wash, I ran two rinse cycles, and then a beach towel cycle, and still saw suds in the seal and on the door at the end. "

Welcome to my world. One thing these Miele's are good at --- letting us know if there is detergent residue in the laundry.

We have the larger Miele W4842 and never knew we have soft-ish water when I had the old TLs for 30+ years. This forum is filled with my posts about old detergent residue in towels and clothes from the water-hog TL days. I have a link below that you might want to browse. Once there, scroll down to the photo I posted. That is one shirt with years of residue from the old TL washer, after it had been run thru a wash cycle (and caused the entire load to be rinsed several times). Once I segregated "the offender" I ran it thru a Sanitize cycle, figuring I had nothing to lose, since the shirt is old although in good condition. (our old TLs never destroyed clothing)

HD or Lowes have those little water testing strips you can buy, to determine your hardness/softness, or search the internet for your local water utility's web site.

If you can, run those items thru a "Sanitize" cycle with no detergent. If your machine has a glass door, watch the suds. The hotter the water, the better it removes old detergent. I learned that on a cloth diaper forum.

I washed my sister's ecru matelasse bedspread in my FL. Seven hours later of consecutive cycles & rinses, the !@#$ thing was still leaving suds in our FL washer. She had no clue and always used detergent mfr's recommended dose in her TL water-hog washer (same municipal water supply) and always washes on COLD. (blech) BTW, it was a few shades brighter because the graying detergent residue was 90% removed!

Miele's 1-800 customer service, as well as my salesguy, have told me to use 1/4 (one-fourth) of whatever the detergent package label suggests, as a starting point and adjust up as needed. Yes, THAT, in spite of the Miele owner's manual telling us to 'closely follow detergent label recommendations.'

Our W4842 Miele is a large-capacity FL and on a large, extremely dirty load, I might use 1/2 Tablespoon (which is 1.5 teaspoon). Even then, I hold my breath. When the cycle is finished, I run a "Quick Rinse" and watch for suds. If I don't get it all out, I itch and my husband gets a rash.

You might have to reduce your dose to 1/4 teaspoon or less, until all the residue is removed. The residue will count as a dose for the current load of wash. It took months to get it all out of mine. I have to measure out our detergent with a hypodermic needle (well, not that bad, but almost!) and our water supply is 4 grains - on the softer end of "moderately hard" Sheesh...

Another thing, we use no fabric softener. FS kills suds, so a person can be overdosing and left with detergent residue, and not know it if they use FS. I am allergic to FS including the "free/clear" types, so we just don't use it.

Here is a link that might be useful: detergent residue on one(!) cotton sport shirt

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Cavimum - wow. That is nutty. My water is 5.4 grains, so "moderately hard." Thanks for the tip on the "sanitize" cycle - I will try that this weekend, and I think for the time being I'm going to start running a rinse cycle for every load pre-wash, to see if there are suds so I know where I'm starting from. I currently only use fabric softener on my cotton loads, but I'll cut that out as well.

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Well, now I am even more confused. Yesterday, I went to wash a full load of white towels. I did a pre-wash rinse cycle, after which there were no suds. So, then I added my detergent - only 1.5 tsp., vs. the 1.5 Tbsp. I'd used on earlier loads - and ran a sanitize cycle, hot water w/sensitive option (extra rinse at the end). End of the cycle, tons of suds left on the door and in the seal of the washer. Ran another rinse, and halfway through that went down to check and could see that there were still tons of suds. Sure enough, even after the rinse finished, there were suds on the door. Ended up just running another full sanitize cycle w/sensitive (no detergent), after which there were no suds and the towels were put in the dryer.

If you're keeping track, that's 4 rinses plus 2 sanitize cycles. It took basically all afternoon to wash one load of towels. This seems ridiculous...if it was detergent residue, I would have thought I'd see suds on the first rinse. But I can't believe that only 1.5 TEASPOONS of Persil for a full load of towels could cause oversudsing, but I guess I'll cut that down even more. I don't use fabric softener on my towels or anything else that I can think of that would contribute to this. Mystified.

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@hlg222 - I believe it. 1/2 Tablespoon of Persil is too much in my Miele W4842 extra-large capacity washer and our 'moderately hard' water. 5.4 grains isn't too much different from our 4.+ grains. Because your washer is 24" and mine is 27", I would say there is a good chance you need to use less than what you're using; maybe more like 1/6 the detergent package labeling. I have often wondered what my dosing would be like if I had the W3033.

Towels are especially problematic, for some reason. I think it is because they're really not that "dirty" with perspiration, grease, and real dirt/grass/etc., when we launder them, as opposed to clothes we have worn for several hours. I use 1/8 the suggested dose of the detergent du jour and it works pretty well for us.

1.5 tsp of Persil megaperls is too much in our water quality for a load of towels. At one point, I found that 1/2 tsp. Persil was the ticket. Keep reducing your detergent amounts. I know, it is crazy. The European "soft water" simply has to be harder than what we call "soft." Forget about the liquid Persil.... waaay too sudsy unless I use 1/4 tsp. on a very small load (3 - 4 items).

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I'm another relatively new Miele owner (put in service New Year's Eve this year). I have the 4842 washer bought after 15 years with a Kenmore TL (replaced b/c the agitator stopped turning and I just felt I deserved a new machine with 4 kids and a husband's worth of laundry!). I too was stunned at how much suds was showing up even after a 'sensitive' (2nd rinse) cycle. I yelled at my 10 year old for dumping too much detergent in - then realized that it was probably not the issue. Took me a month or more of workign through all our clothes to get what I can only assume was detergent residue out of those clothes. When we started up with summer clothes that had been in storage since last year, I had a resurgence of suds for a couple of weeks.

I also went through these forums to find the settings for extra water/extra rinse. It now takes longer for me to dry clothes, they are probably more wet than when I first started washing on the lower water levels, but I never see suds anymore. I may try reducing water levels again and see if we are able to hold steady there.

Not long after I got the machines, the dryer started doing the red light as well. My husband unattached the vent and reattached it and the red light stopped. It was a bear to get that tank of a dryer moved, I tell you!

Keep us posted on your results.

We have a water softener, I don't know specifics of how hard our water is without it. I do know my standard detergent dose (on all but the worst loads of boys clothes) is half of the line 1 on the Tide cap, or half of the line 1 on the Miele powder, whichever I'm using.

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