trinidivaJuly 29, 2010

What kind of cabinets did you use in your laundry room, were they similar to those used in your kitchen. My builder suggested to my DH that we use cabinets that are not going to be damged by laundry detergent, stain removers etc. He recommends using cabinets that are easy to wipe. He has had a few customers where there cabinete were damaged by things like Shout etc

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Shout, Spray & Wash, and cleaners of that type can be damaging to cabinets and washing machine control panels too. They remove the paint & graphics from the controls.

We've had wooden cabinets over our washer & dryer that match our kitchen cabinets for years and have had no problems. Just make sure that overspray from any cleaners you use don't get on the cabinets. Dust them regularly and once a year wipe down the cabinets generously with Lemon Oil. You should then be good to go.

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