Miele 4842 washer and related dryer being discontinued

CarolNYCJuly 31, 2012

Hi, a Miele rep told me that Miele is discontinuing the 4842 washing machines and related dryers. We have ordered two washers and one dryer but I am not sure it is good to buy them bc machines are being discontinued. The fellow told me that there was no quality or other problem with the machines just a corporate decision to not manufacture them anymore. A friend told me that Bosche did the same thing. We are renovating a house -- walls still open-- our laundry room sizeis custom to these machines. would you change please?

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Miele is still going to honor your warranty and parts will be available for 20 years, I guess I don't understand the issue. As far as you're concerned, why does it matter whether or not it's been discontinued?

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Thank you for your response - and it's a good point for sure. That's what our contractor says. I guess I am just afraid of getting a "lemon" and not being able to replace it. Our house won't be ready for another 6 months (or so). I was thinking of switching to a pair of the Little Giants instead...and an extra washing machine too...we do a lot of laundry at our house. Only issue with the Little Giants is that I don't think they are big enough for a king size blanket. Today, everybody should have my problems (fingers crossed)!

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I probably wouldn't change the machines--but I sure wouldn't customize your laundry room for these particular ones. The house will last longer than the machines and when the time comes to replace them, you might want machines that won't fit without remodeling the laundry room. Perhaps that doesn't matter to you, but it would annoy the heck out of me, just for the hassle factor if not the expense. :-)

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Great advice, thank you. This is our first large home renovation project and we have learned so much. I wish our architect had given us the advice that you just gave! It's so sensible and practical. I am thinking of whether I've made this same mistake in other rooms...

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I believe Miele has a showroom in New York, so why not take one of your king size blankets and check the Little Giant's for size? That is what I did with my saddle pads and the people at Miele were very helpful.

If money is not a major factor, and you have a lot of laundry, Miele also has some larger models in its Professional line. One of the Scottsdale dealers had a great deal on a floor model set, so you might be able to find a similar deal in your area.

I do agree the other posters about giving yourself some flexibility in your layout.

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Thank you akrogirl. That's a great suggestion. I just looked it up - Miele does have a showroom in New York - closed at 5 but I'll call again tomorrow. Commercial laundry probably too much for me but I'll check for deals anyway.

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