Perwoll Black Substitute? Among others...

fahrenheit_451July 13, 2010

We have a cache of recently purchased European laundry products, but we are in need of Perwoll Black as it is running out. However, until the prices come down to reflect the exchange rate (that I believe will even move more on parity) we will not be purchasing any European laundry products. Can others recommend what they are using in place of Perwoll Black and Vernel? Thank you.

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I think the only competitor in the US is Woolite Dark.

At Target it does not have an HE symbol.

The bottle at Costco has an HE sticker on it though.

I guess it is the same product.

Fabric Softner is all about the same unless you want "green" FS.

I use Downey from Costco but considering their Kirkland "green" softner. Wounder if it would cause less build up in the machine?

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Thanks for the Costco lead (I loathe that institution, but my wife loves it). I have found the Woolite Dark, but not in the HE formulation. I will have my wife look for it the next time she goes to Costco.

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Yea last time I was in there they were doing a demo of it at Costco. I got mine at target, works great. Never bothered to get the german made detergents for the delicate clothing. Only the normal Persil line, the rest of my line up is the home grown Woolite for darks HE and fragrance free downey.

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