Help select countertop color, before midnight tonight : )

laughablemomentsJanuary 31, 2013

Hello all,
We'd like to take advantage of a sale that ends tonight on counters and need to pick what we're going to order. Only problem is, I'm not sure what to pick!

Here is the curtain fabric for the kitchen, which I still adore after a few years of having up.

I can't tell you exactly what the cupboard color will be b/c we're planning to recycle oak framing members from our 1840's farm house that we took out when remodeling into our cabinets. It has a tight grain, and is super tough. DH hasn't given me some test pieces yet.


Possible colors:
Caribbean- Honey Wheat-
Delta Sand- Tumbled Glass-

Rice Paper-

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I LOVE that tumbled glass! Cute fabric!


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OK, you are committing to a countertop color really early in the process and I am not sure I think that is a great idea. But, if I am forced to choose in a vacuum, I love carribean, it is soft and fun and colorful. I also love honey wheat which ties in better to your curtain fabric I think because it brings out the yellow flowers, tulips? Rice paper is very safe and you could be very exciting and creative with a backsplash.

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I like the honey wheat or the caribbean. With respect to the caribbean however, it really depends on whether or not you want to really pull out the green and make it a big factor in the kitchen. The Caribbean will do that.

The last three just don't seem relaxed enough to go with the kitchen vibe that you have going. Does the make sense?

Just my 2c.

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Caribbean and Rice Paper, in that order, have my vote. I suppose my choice would depend on cabinet and wall color. The rice paper is extremely neutral and would allow for more variation in wall color if you're not sure about that and would keep things bright. I like Caribbean a lot though.

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I like Caribbean and Tumbled Glass. Both have a cheerfulness that is a good match for the curtains, as well as being a good color match.

Although I like the Honey Wheat, it looks too yellow when compared to the flowers in the curtains and the floor, which both read more orange. That could be an problem with the photos, though--they might go better IRL.

What about something that picks up the grey of the ribbons from the curtains? I think it would look pretty, but might be too somber--depending on what else you have going on in the kitchen.

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If I had to pick one, I would say Caribean.

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Tumbled glass.

But I agree with localeater -- this may not be a good plan. Pennywise-pound foolish and all that. There are sales all the time; they come and go and you will miss out on some better deals. But countertops are something you'll live with a really, really long time and there's value to winding up with just what you want and that fits well with everything else. If it costs you an extra $100 or whatever to be far closer to what you want, it's worth it maybe (I shouldn't presume about anyone's finances of course -- these are just place-holder dollar figures).

What I'm counseling would be: let it go. Decide this later. You're a long way from there yet, so much could happen -- if you order countertop now and you change your design, then what? I don't think you should pull the trigger on this until you're further down the pike.

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Tumbled glass and Carribean. I think you may decide to change out the curtains with any of these colors! We remodeled a kitchen 10 years ago and I was going to use several decorations from the "old" kitchen. Not quite.

In your situation I like the idea of choosing the counter material and then paint. The floor is a honey yellow and a different tone counter will be perfect. Good luck!

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there's always a sale on counters. and I just read the US economy is weakening so you might even find a better sale.Honey wheat is my pick.

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I called the company, and they confirmed some of what you are saying. We have more time, they run sales frequently. And they will honor this price til the 5th if we are ready to order by then.

It's still good to get feedback, though.

I saw Corian's gallery pictures, umm, 1 is pitooey! The other reads almost gray and seems rather nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corian's Caribbean gallery

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i might be too late, but i agree with aliris19. wait till you are farther along, sales come and go.

you could change your mind about the curtains etc....

i would don't even have your cabs are putting the cart before the horse...there will be another sale..

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I love green but I wouldn't want to be locked into a green counter. It's one of those colors that can look dated fast because they're always adding more blue or more yellow to make "this year's color". Think of all the renditions of green that have been popular in the past 40 years, starting with avocado.

I think Tumbled Glass is the most versatile. There's a few colors you can pull out of it for paint and backsplash, like that soft blue-gray. That would work with the gray in your fabric. It's hard to find backsplash tiles that would work with the solid pinky-beige colors of your other choices.

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Love the Tumbled Glass or perhaps Rice paper. Anything too close in color to the oak (Honey Wheat or Delta Sand) may clash with it or have the wrong undertone (pink, yellow).
Also, I'd use the most timeless choice, i.e. not Caribbean. You can always change the wall color or the curtains later. Completely agree with mayflowers not to get locked into one color.

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