Adding a 24 volt realy to gas valve

doug_gbNovember 16, 2011

I have a boiler with the Honeywell gas valve. Want to connect a 24 volt White Rodgers relay, that will be energized when the gas is on.

The top of the valve is labeled:

TR_ _ _ _ _TH : :

Limit Switch _ _ _ _ _ 24 volts across TH terminals

: :

TR_ _coil_ TH So it looks to me that I could attach my relay on the lower TR and TH terminals - this would in in parallel to the coil on the gas valve.

Am I correct?

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Why on earth would you want to do that?

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@heatseeker: "Why on earth would you want to do that?"

What I am looking for, is educated advice. I'm more than willing to share my education, experience, and knowledge.

I didn't come here to get a jack ass question.

Were you born stupid? Or have you just developed that way over the years.

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Insults aside mr. engineer, If I know what the application is for maybe I can help, furthermore if you have to ask these questions I would doubt that you are qualified to install electrical components to a gas furnace. No I was not born stupid I developed it over the years, More power to me.

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@heatseeker: "Insults aside". Well that's exactly your approach - ask a question that beings with "why on earth".

Just for grins, I've looked at some of your other posts. It's obvious you like to cast doubt. Seems like a self esteem problem to me.

Anyway, I certainly want some validation about connecting a realy in parallel to a gas valve - but not from you.

Find someone else to play mind games.

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I think what is trying to be said doug is that if you don't know the answer to your simple question you should not be doing it. that is not trying to insult you... that is being truthful. Electric circuits on gas systems are not to play with.

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what ever you sure have big mouth on screen,If you take my original question as an insult that's your problem, I did not mean it in a disrespectful way I just was surprised that someone would want to put a relay in parallel with a gas valve. That would seem unsafe on a gas furnace. The furnaces have safety devises that might be compromised by an engineer who has a bright idea. And yes when it comes to repairing hvac I tend to lean on "get a pro" to do more than a DIY do the repair. If that's casting doubt I own it.

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@heatseeker, @harlemhvacguy: It seems neither of you know anything, so why bother to answer?

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Same reason you bothered to ask I guess..... entertainment

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Well In your eyes I might not know anything but what I do know is I would never put a relay in parallel with a furnace gas valve. I do question your knowledge if you think it is okay, furthermore if you rally want the info please explain why you are doing it so that we all can learn something. The fact that you won't exclaim why you are doing it means that you don't have the confidence to share it with us or are afraid to be embarrassed. At any rate please post what you are doing with the relay.

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I think it was a reasonable question, not a jack ass question. That is a mighty big chip you have on your shoulder.

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I guess I was right about him. Engineers always think they have the answers to everything.

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I have a large two story walk out - no basement. On the first floor I remodeled a back room, and in the process, made the 'boiler room' narrower. One side of the boiler room is now a 72" bifold door - this way I have access.

I have a gas boiler, with a standing pilot, a fresh air combustion vent, and four zones, all with T87F's and B&G 1/6 hp pumps.

The problem is that there is now a little odor, a chimney smell, that was once contained in the boiler room, but get's by the bifold door.

So I installed a small variable speed vent fan, and bought a 24v White Rodgers relay from Grainger. The relay coil was 90 ohms - that comes out to .27 amps @ 24v. The transformer is rated at 2.5 amps.

I hooked the fan relay in parallel with Honeywell gas valve. Works great. When the boiler is on, the fan runs.

I just wanted a little confirmation - it was like pullin teeth you guys!

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doug, I do not recall meeting you. You probably were in a different year class. But we both are probably graduates of the Dennis Rodman Charm School.

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@bus driver: Take your put downs and stick them up your fat a**.

So far none of you of great enlighten ones has given one shred of advice. I think you are here to d*ck around with people who don't know nothing, and give empty, BS advice, confuse them, warn them, what ever the game you play.

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You have a bad attitude for someone looking for free advice. I normally don't respond to posts like this, but I feel complelled to repsond.

I think you are foolish to attach anything to the gas valve of your boiler. If the device were to ever fail you could cause an explosion. A safer method would be to attch this to the W terminal of the thermostat.

I also recommend installing a carbon monoxide detector in your boiler room. The fact you smell a combustion oder leads me to believe you have a draft problem with your chimney.

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Well Mike_In_The_Nursing_Home you are a perfect example.

It appears nobody here really knows anything. All you can do is 'recommend' bullsh*t.

You know nothing, and you contribute nothing. Except for warnings, fear, uncertanity, doubt. Truely worthless individuals.

All you guy's are pathethic. Maybe you're sharing an IQ?

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WOW Doug.... bring it down a notch! If you don't like or care for the advise given just say so and move on. No need to get personal here. It only makes you look like you have issues above and beyond a simple request.

Flame away !!

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I didn't come here to insult, or belittle anyone. I figured that there are professionals here and they have educated opinions.

If I owned the 'Garden Web' I would be concerned. Not becuase I disagree with the participants opinions, but rather they give no information as to why they have the opinion.

None of the participants addressed any of the technical merits of the question I was asking.

They seem not to read, or comprehend what they read, because they don't include any of the question info, in their 'answers'.

They simply warn, use scary words like 'explode', 'why in the world', etc. In the end the responses are completely empty of any logical thought.

I find the abscence of thought, and meaningless (not backed up by any fact / science) warnings more of an irritant, than just not getting any response at all.

I found another HVAC site, and had a conversation with an articulate guy (a person who actullay read what I posted) and gave me some educated advice.

I can't understand why people on this forum reply to problems when they don't know the answer?

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Please post the educated advice your received so all of us can learn. We are all waiting.

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Mike, I don't believe you have an educated solution, just BS.

You are a baiter, a weak person. You would just love to rip up another parties advice. I'm not going to give you that opportunity.

As always Mike, you have offered nothing of substance. I don't see why you keep replying?

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I gave you a soulution, but you chose to ignore it. If you don't like it, then there is no need to bash people about it.

Here is another suggestion. Post your question on The rules of that forum only allow responses from approved professionals. You will get the expert advice you are seeking.

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Wait a minute, Anyone who tells someone over the internet that it is okay to tie a relay and exhaust fan to a gas boiler is a total idiot. If it was not built that way from the factory it is not engineered to operate that way. Also you finally gave a full detail of the project which should have been in the original post instead of the last post. I am a repair tech just going off the info you gave originally I didn't get a clear picture of what you were trying to do. Rewiring a relay and exhaust fan would be something that an engineer would have to look at and measure make up air and exhaust air, this is a natural draft boiler and you probably should not alter the original set up, if you are getting strange smells you could have a cracked heat exchanger. I did not see you mention getting the boiler inspected but you probably did that yourself. Anyways its been fun watching everyone overreact. My advice is if your boiler is leaking maybe it's time to get a contractor to look at it instead of creating a situation that could possibly be dangerous. Not that I am doubting you expertise.

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