Water heating problems!

wzolla86November 2, 2011

So first I thought my thermostat for 1 zone was bad. Now, it looks like the thermostat wasn't the problem, but something else is fishy. I discovered that in my 1st floor, the heat wasn't shutting off. I went to check the taco valves, and found that on one zone, the taco lever was set to "open" so I closed it. The heat in the living room seemed to dissipate. On the third floor, where I was originally having problems, I was getting heat in 1 room, but not another and they are supposed to be in the same zone. Now, when I try to bleed that zone, nothing comes out except a short trickle of water. This is new, and I don't know if it's related to me touching the taco valve, which I thought was on another zone. Does anything here sound familiar, any tips you guys can give? Thanks!

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Not enough info. How many zones? Do you have a valve for each and one circulator for the whole system? "...seemed to dissipate" is not really good enough. Operate each zone and feel the pipes. Figure out what zones are operated by each t-stat. Try to trace out what your individual loops heat by inference.

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If the 3rd floor is using the same zone valve as the first, doubtful, you won't be able to bleed the zone with the zone valve closed, unless the thermostat is turned ON and the zone valve is activated.

What is the pressure reading of the boiler? Sometimes the fill valve is closed and there isn't the required 12 pounds of pressure.

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