Switched machines again.... oh so happy!!

bookertJuly 8, 2012

Long story short, but most of you understand one's obsession about laundry! =) Thanks in advance!

After about 6 months of using the pristine condition Kenmore 70 series TL, I had reservations. Clothing was soft, but being beat up so to speak by the agitation. I never used the fast/fast agitation setting. The clothing was worn looking IMO after the cycle.

I line dry and then fluff in low heat dryer FYI. Much more lint in dryer screen too.

Happy to report I'm back to an older digital Maytag Neptune!

Results for me are huge!

Very kind on fabrics IMO, great choices for cycles, including a water heating option, and plenty of spin speed.

Hardly any lint in dryer screen now! Clothing is soft and clean. =)

Oh and the best improvement?

Very little noise compared to the TL! Yes!

One more plus, I'm back to using much less detergent again.

On a great note,my three machines, the Kenmore washer, a beloved GE Harmony washer(the pump was getting a little loud),plus the dryer to the newly bought (not new) Neptune. (It was electric and I use propane) were donated to charity for others to enjoy! =)

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Good to hear you are happy.

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