Propane supplier says NO

jimlaNovember 17, 2012

My supplier says they will not set me up with a connection to feed a portable generator for temporary use during an outage. A hard pipe to a dedicated generator, YES, temporary NO. Is this a code requirement or a supplier policy? I did not ask at the time. Does it make a difference if I rent or own the tanks? He said I have plenty of capacity to feed a generator, two 100 gal tanks. I have seen discussion of temporaryhookup and you can by 6 and 12 foot hoses for such applications. When I had the gas logs installed years ago by an independant company, he asked if I wanted a connection installed on my deck for the gas grill.

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Liability agreed, for them and me. So does that mean there is no national code or regulation that prohibits such a connection? Liabilities can be managed with the proper equipment, installation and maintenance.

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He is liable forever, and is not about to rely on you.

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