Tide pods anyone tried them?

fastonetimeJuly 16, 2012

Just bought them last night. Did a few loads and they seem to work as advertised. The scent is a little stronger than the liquid tide with bleach he I am using. One pac didn't suds up as much as one capfull of the tide with bleach. Haven't tried a heavily soiled load, but they did dissolve well on the eco warm cycle of my wave touch. I like them so far. The load smells very clean now. Anyone else tried them. What did you think?

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Try a search for Tide pods on this forum - it has already been covered.

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I search but can't find the link?

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I had several loads come out with bits of the packet un-dissolved so I started pre-dissolving them in a cup of boiling water. Every once in a while I still get bits that just won't dissolve!
I love the way the pods clean they are just a bit of a hassle. I do believe that kind of defeats the purpose.
As far as the scent goes...not a huge fan.

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You know I've done several loads and haven't seen the outer pack left over after a load. Haven't tried them in cold water yet. But I do use eco warm - sanitary cycle. Maybe that's helping to dissolve them? But I love them so far. I use to always fill the detergent drawer on the washer to the max line, so id never really get the advertised loads on the bottle. But now I'm happy that I am actually getting the 77 loads I am paying for�

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