The official...yes My Samsung Sucked post

GregRodJuly 16, 2013

So yes were right. Samsung sucks. My WA456 with all of its Stainless shine is caput..done..ready for the scrap heap after only 6 months.

Luckily, Samsung is refunding my money in full.

Question is...Outside of a Speedqueen what is actually good?

The SQ is too small for a fam of 4. We had a 3.3 cu and it took forever to wash laundry. We need a large capacity unit, but it seems they all suck.

Lg's explode and have weak plastic basket hangers, Samsung's fail.

What's the deal with the new Maytag Bravos He TL?

Please help!! I do not want to go thru this again.


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We prefer a TL...thanks.

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Ain't technology great? Sorry about your washer. I've got one of those spin-'splode LG's that's given me no grief.....yet.

Since you want a top load machine, the only good choice, IMHO, would be a Speed Queen. Obviously not monster capacity like the HE washers but the cycles are complete in about thirty five minutes.

I looked at a SQ pair last weekend. Built like tanks, no computers, all metal transmission, 1/2 horsepower motor. What's not to love? When my LG's self destruct, those babies will be in my laundry room.

As for not being large enough for a family of four, sure they are. American families much larger than yours have been using traditional Toploads for well over 60 years.

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Agree with mark - they don't call'em Speed Queen for nothin'.

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Thank. But again...a Speed Queen won't do.. They are too small.

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That's too bad about your Samsung but it is nice that they're refunding your money in full. The saying 'they're not built like they used to' is very true. I'm enjoying my Samsung but after our experience with our previous washer, I realize that there's a bit of hope and prayer involved in smooth sailing. It's been reliable and such an improvement over our last which leads me to say...think *carefully* before you buy one of those He top loaders.

They are prone to unbalancing, your clothes will often end the cycle in this strange knotted miasma of clothing that makes you wonder what exactly went wrong, and they just don't seem to hold up well. I'm sure there are many that love their HE top loader but I've seen *a lot* of posters and reviews elsewhere that say the same thing.

I also had a lot of clothing damaged by our last machine. That's when it wasn't sounding possessed and failing to even complete a load. It required maintenance every. single. year. The electric board failed twice, the hinge rusted and snapped twice and then the more serious unbalanced load issue cropped up and that was the ultimate demise of the machine. Nothing we did fixed it and the next step involved putting yet more money into it. I told my husband I'd rather walk over coals then fork over more money to Sears to fix that thorn-in-my-side machine. :P

Will never, ever buy another HE top loading washer.

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Kodiakbear....which Samsung do you own? Which was the bad model?

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My Samsung is model WF331ANR (equivalent model, we bought ours at the base exchange in 2012 and it had a slightly different model number). It's been fantastic.

The He top loader was a Kenmore Oasis He...the worst purchase ever. But even though these machines were known lemons, some of the problems we had with it I hear mentioned a lot with other people that have different versions of those he top load machines.

ETA -- just realized your Samsung that broke was one of those HE top loaders. The Samsung we bought (and that I love) is a front load machine, just to clarify. The machine I had and hated and was absolutely terrible was the Kenmore Oasis He top load machine.

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"We need a large capacity unit, but it seems they all suck."

You might have to compromise between what you want and what is actually available.

I know you are only interested in large capacity, but wouldn't it be better to have a machine that DIDN'T suck, even if it didn't hold as many clothes?

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Basically (sadly) there is no decent HE top loader.

They all pretty much suck.

Firgidaire makes a HE top loader that is a 3.4 cu. ft. (DOE) and it looks like it does a way better job at moving clothes around through actual water. Top spin speed is only 800 rpm.
Otherwise Speed Queen is your best bet.

Unless you want a front loader.
Front loaders hold a lot more and can handle Sanitary cycles better (but there cycles can be long).

I'd hate to be in your's like you really don't have a good choice with what's out there.

Electrolux is said to be releasing a new (sorry) Front Loader later this year but that doesn't help you out now.

Keep us posted on what you decide to get.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video of Frigidaire Top Load Washer

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Go with the Speed Queen. 35 minutes of wash time and you can get a full tub of water.Samsung and LG are virtually the same. Over an hour to wash a load. If you do the math you can do 2 loads in the Speed Queen while the Samsung is still doing the first one. And, you won't need it repaired every 6 months.

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Thanks about the Speed Queen. Again...I know all about them. They are too small. While you may be correct about wash really doesn't add
An HE washer may have longer wash times, but you can wash twice as mmany clothes. 35 mins one load Sq or 1 hr HE is the same. You actually save time because the HE spins higher, therefore the time saved is in the drying process

The only thing I see in the SQ that is the best is its track record. If they made a larger washer . I would be all over it.

So back to my original question...does anyone have suggestion on a good HE TL? I know there are plenty. One has to be good?

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I'm going to go out on a limb and tell you that I have the Electrolux front loader (sorry) and it's huge and it does a good job. I've had it for a year and a half, no problems. Yes, it's got an embarrassingly large number of bells and whistles, but all of the cycles are tweakable, so I can get the machine to do what I want it to do. I have a family of 4, two teenagers, and the large capacity is great. This was my first front loader, and the learning curve isn't that hard, really. I have had absolutely no problems with smells or funkiness.

When I was researching this purchase, I did some reading about HE top loaders, and I would be very wary. I know everyone loves the Speed Queens, and they are doubtless terrific machines, but like you, the capacity was a deal breaker for me.

Best of luck to you,

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Thanks Cj...

I am not against a front loader at this point, but my wife insists on a top loader. She saw the time savings with the Samsung and was overjoyed!!

Just wanna make her happy.

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Greg, as someone that really loves my washer and would not want my husband buying 'his' choice of machines, I understand. That said, perhaps you can steer her into helping you research a replacement?

If capacity is her 'thing' I will say I went from a 4.9 cu in our Oasis (it was the first release of these HE top loaders and it had a huge capacity and it was what convinced me to go with it vs. a front load he machine) to the 3.7 in the Samsung front loader we now have. I literally could not say there's been a big difference. Partly because it cleans so much better but also because that 3.7 still allows for large size loads. And we do not have a small family by any means with six people and 3 dogs and my mother lives in a MIL apartment above our workshop and uses our machine as well.

If she's dead set on buying another HE top loader, scan reviews on Lowe's and Home Depot, look for the higher-rated machines and roll the dice. You might get lucky!

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GregRod, you didn't mention how your Samsung HE top loader failed. Was it mechanical issues or electronic issues? I ask because very large capacity machines must tolerate enormous mechanical stresses. 4.5 cu ft. of wet clothes are very heavy and spinning that weight at 1000 rpm creates huge centrifugal forces.

I don't know if there's a top loading machine that meets your capacity needs as well as being a "good" machine. I hope there is, I'm just not knowledgeable about the range of possibilities.

In the absence of good recommendations or reviews, one crude data point to consider is the overall heft or strength of various extra large capacity machines. The overall weight of the machine doesn't tell you everything about the quality of the mechanical design, but it's a data point you can add into your consideration. Heavier machines probably have more metal parts and more substantial construction to tolerate the high stresses of a high capacity washer.

I have a 3.3 cu ft capacity Speed Queen. I understand your capacity needs relative to the Speed Queen and I'm not trying to convince you to change your needs. I'm using it as an example of something I know.

I can't find the regular weight of my SQ, but the shipping weight is 195 lbs. The shipping weight of the Samsung WA546 is 134 lbs. Assuming they use similar packaging for shipment, the Samsung is almost 1/3 less heavy for a substantially larger capacity (and essentially the same outside dimensions). Without a doubt, the Samsung is a lightweight fighting in the heavyweight ring.

Take a peek at the overall weight when you're looking at various models of top loading washers. I wouldn't go crazy using total weight as a primary selection factor, but I'd use it as a piece of data in a sea of conflicting advice and specs, especially for extra high capacity machines.

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Hey knot2fast...

We've had a leaking aquajet ring, water pump blow, clutch and motor let go so now we will let go of it.

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Samsung has done away with the AquaJet tub ring on its 5 cu. ft. TL - I guess you see why... It's now a pump-driven recirc system.

Which models does Consumer Reports like? I think they favor Samsung and LG. Well, you've had Samung and ever since LG updated their exploding top loaders, it seems people are complaining that even like a single sock will throw the washer into an endless balancing cycle.

There are also the new GE models with up to 5 cu.ft. Not too much discussion on them for now, though.

There's also a current thread by a woman complaining about her Whirlpool HE TL ripping clothes.

As far as "I just wanna make her happy" goes... well... I don't mean to offend... but my friend HAPPILY buys shoes when, in REALITY, she can only wear like half of them because they're way too uncomfortable. I think a reality check might be in order. I'm starting to believe that people are not joking when they're saying high efficiency top loaders were made to make people eventually buy front loaders.


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Hey Alex...

I hear you..point received.

CR...seems to be a joke. I mean they help sell based on initial use /quality but never follow up on user experience . Everything new and shiny works out of the box, but how long till it breaks?

These appliance manufacturers are almost criminal.

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I have to agree with GregRod about CR, We subscribe but sometimes I wonder why. I don't trust their ratings like years ago. We've subscribed for years but never surveyed on repairs or anything. I don't think they are as unbiased as they make themselves out to be anymore.

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If washer capacity is your main concern, I would suggest you switch to front loaders. Even HE TL washers have a smaller usable capacity when compared to a front loader. As a self-proclaimed washer expert, front loaders are always my recommendation to anyone. HE TL washers are a joke in my opinion. Every load I see washed in one of those washers looks over loaded. Chronically over loaded washers die quicker. They cannot tolerate a huge amount of wet clothes, being violently swished around in lack of sufficient water. Front loaders on the other hand, are harder to over load, handle fuller loads better, AND wash and rinse better. No offense to those HE TL owners who love them. I just cannot be convinced that they clean/rinse well, can really hold all of the claimed capacity, or maintain reliability for an extended amount of time. I have a Miele, the best of the best, and I would not trade it for anything. For me, it is either a front loader with heater, or a vintage top loader that actually uses water, and i can actually see my laundry moving through the water. Good luck!

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I agree. Front loaders are better at agitation big loads as the entire drum turns, not just a plate at the bottom. They're usually also more gentle.

That said, there's a Fisher & Paykel video of a full wash cycle with towels on YouTube and this unit does turn the load over quite nicely.

Here is a link that might be useful: Full Wash Cycle

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I spent over a thousand dollars on an HE TL and it was so awful I sold it for $100 less than two years later.. A couple of months later a friend called to tell me the lady who bought it and her daughter were taking their clothes to a neighbor's house to wash because the washer was not cleaning their clothes and they smelled and they didn't want to use it anymore because it was gross. Mind you when I sold it to them it did not smell and looked brand new so this was yet another new development. After research it is suspected the hot water intake valve had stopped functioning. I felt so bad that I offered to give her her money back. The machine was top of the line had a huge "looking" capacity but you couldn't use it to full capacity. Sometimes when I took clothes out they were not even wet all over. I did not overload the machine. It ruined many items of clothing and it destroyed sheets as if it hated them. It would tightly wrap clothes in a knot and then get out of balance. What a horrible machine. It caused me much financial setback and also many days of frustration dealing with this POJ. The matching dryer was loud and could be heard all over the house as if it had no insulation it also was top of the line companion to the washer and had the steam which was sort of a joke.

I finally ended up buying a front load GE middle of the line that I had used in a condo while on vacation and loved it. It was so quiet and did such a good job. I rewashed everything in my suitcase that I had brought with me. My clothes seemed gross from using the top load machine, I never felt that anything was clean and maybe even dirtier since going through the TL wash. Not to mention they are loud sounding like an airplane engine spooling up and the water is coming in from the top of the machine of course and is a long way to the bottom so it sounded like water falling onto flat rocks in a cave when it was going through the machine. I still have bad memories of this awful machine and would not wish one on my worst enemy. It was the machine you first mentioned when considering a TL. Don't do it!!!

In addition, don't fall for the extra large capacity. The larger the drum the more easily it will go out of balance. Think of spinning a small bowl on your finger as opposed to a great big one. I have the 3.5 capacity and only on occasion do I miss a larger capacity. The front loaders do take more time to do laundry, a fact of life with these new HE machines. The less water the longer it will take to do the job is the reason they are set up that way. I am really happy with this set and got it on sale at Home Depot, the washer and dryer for about $1100 including delivery and the extra stuff like hoses etc.


If you like this set, be aware that you will have to empty the detergent drawer of water after using for the day so it will empty a small bit of water left in the tray. Very easy but some people might not know this. It comes out easily and just dump it in sink. You probably don't have to do it but I do. There may be different model numbers now since my set is about two years old.

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If you want a washer that is built like a tank you may want to look into the Staber washer.
They are a horizontal axis top loading design. They have a front and rear shaft and in case you ever did have to work on it they are very simple to repair. They have been around for years and I assume that since their website is still active that they are still selling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Staber washer

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My Samsung never went out of balance and the extra capacity is a real time savings. While its true you cannot fill it ..(you cannot fill ANY washer) to full 3/4 its still holds almost double he amount of a standard 3.3 cu washer. The unit was simply a breakdown waiting to happen.

Bigger size is a must.

Jakvis...the Staber looks like a tank made for a billionaire!! I am not those. Plus its small like a Speed Queen

I appreciate the input from all, but many have avoided my questions.

I guess I was looking for input from current users of other brands of HE TLs.

We have no interest in small Speed Queen Type washers. Again if the baskets were bigger we would get one.

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I don't think people are avoiding your question so much as they are trying to keep you from going down the wrong path. Your post did start out ... "so yes, people, you were right, Samsung sucks." That gives me the impression that others tried to steer you away from the Samsung that you purchased and were ultimately unhappy with. If you are not getting responses from people raving about their HE top loaders, it could be because there is nothing to rave about.

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No..I bought the Samsung, found this site, and then people here said Samsung's sucks. Of course, I did not see that as the machine worked fine at first. The joke was on me.
When a person posts with a question about HE TLs and gets a speed.. queen..when the OP says he is not interested several times...then how is that helpful?

I get that many are pro sq...I am not.

Therefore I was looking for others with HE TLs to share opinions so that maybe I could make a better decision.

Its all good...I bought a washer last night...but I appreciate the input.

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Sorry, did not mean to offend. I do see your point ... the SQ owners can be a rather enthusiastic lot. That's great that you found something to fit your requirements ... out of curiosity, what did you end up buying?

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I will post the namebrand and model after delivery and there have been mixed reviews. However, the reliability has been better than Samsung according to many reviews I've read.

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Crossing my fingers for you that you got a winner this go-round. There are mixed reviews for just about everything out there, so most of us have had to do the same thing when choosing our appliances ... pick and hope for the best.

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Well, we'll be waiting then. Maybe a WhirlTag/MayPool? LG? One of these new GEs? Please don't say it's a Frigidaire Immersion Care. I watched the "full cycle" videos on YT and even at 8x playback the... agitation?... is still lame.

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Whirlpool Trainee...

I have a kitchen full of wonderful Fridgidaire garbage with a microwave with a handle that's broken off for 7th no...none of that...LOL..

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