cracked heat exchange

bonsai_mkrNovember 9, 2012

Hello, i'm having problem with furnace, per HVAC tech, i have cracked heat exchange and need new furnace.... problem now is home warranty is refusing to replace because this is pre existing condition, according to hvac tech and home warranty.

per home warranty and tech they are telling me that home inspector would have notice this burn mark (caused by crack heat exchange). i didnt hire home inspection when bought the house it was forclose and bank was not going to repair anything anyway...

can you look at the picture and tell me if this is burn mark or rust from condensation? and would home inspector would notice crack heat exchange?

any advice would be very appreciated.


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This looks like a burn mark and not rust from condensation. Is this on the exterior of the furnace? It looks like this furnace has overheated frequently. It may be result of the previous owner never changing the filter or a poor installation.

Did the tech show you the cracked heat exchanger? I think the tech is assuming the heat exchanger is cracked based on the exterior burn marks. This may or may not be true. You should assume this furnace is not safe to operate and should be replaced.

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Hello Mike,thank you for quick reply.
your correct this is on exterior of the furnace near vent... tech did not show me the cracked heat exchanger

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