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big_al_41July 2, 2012

Hi everyone, I recently volunteered to help this elderly gentlemen next door with some of his household chores. One of which is Laundry. I'll make this as delicately as possible ...his underwear which is white has front stains that I can't seem to get out, I even used Resolve on it (plus poured soap on it directly) with little or no success. He would not let me use bleach for whatever reason.

So I am at wits end, what can I use or do ... oh BTW he has a fairly new top loader with a soak cycle and I have use it success.

Help, I really would like to provide him with a modicum of freshness here.

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You could try an oxygen bleach in very hot water.
Perhaps laying them out in the sun will bleach them.

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According to today's Consumer Reports magazine on laundry detergent testing, use Tide Ultra With Bleach powder and warmish hot or hotish warm water. It's not chlorine bleach so he doesn't need to worry. It gets laundry cleaner than any other detergent, according to this article and my own experience. Much luck. Please report your results here.

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Thanks for those replies I will try some of the ideas... is there also a spray or pre wash I could use ??

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I've had very good results with the Tide spray pre-treater getting almost everything out (except set-in chocolate.)

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I get great results with Tide HE powder with [non-chlorine] bleach AND OxyClean.

Do you wash his undies in true hot water? IF you have an HE washer, you'll need an internal water heater to heat the water to that temp.

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