Whirlpool - No Spin Only Cycle ??

dakota01July 13, 2010

I finally decided on the Whirlpool Cabrio W&D set. Got a really good price on them at Lowe's.

I do a lot of hand laundry so I use a spin only cycle for probably 75% of the time.

I contacted Whirlpool only to find out that the Cabrio does not have a spin only cycle. Actually, I was told none of thier washers had that feature anymore! I would have to think one with a knob rather than push buttons would have it.

Any sugggestions for a nice new top load washer that does have a spin or a rinse & spin cycle only?

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Can't say for sure about the Cabrio as I don't have one ... but some machines support a spin-only by turning on the power, selecting a spin speed and pressing start.

Looking at the Use & Care Guide online for Cabrio model (WTW7800), the dial has a setting designated as Rinse/Drain & Spin. The cycle chart describes Rinse & Spin separately from Drain & Spin, but doesn't specify how to chose them separately from the one position on the dial. Maybe powering the machine on and selecting it runs Rinse & Spin ... but turning the dial there after a cycle is already running does a Drain & Spin, as in cancel & drain?

Another Cabrio model WTW5500 does show separate settings on the dial for Drain & Spin and Rinse & Spin.

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I, too, have just purchased the new Whirlpool Cabrio W & D. at Lowe's. Since we are putting on an addition, they have been held at Lowe's and will be delivered this Thursday. Besides the issue of not having a separate spin cycle, do you like it? Was it worth the money?

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DADOES - I stopped in to Lowes and saw those buttons too, so I thought you select the drain/rinse then push the button. BUT - the girl at Whirlpool said they do not make a washer with spin or rinse spin only.

I think she's wrong ! Only because I looked at a Whirlpool with the spin dials and I can't see why you couldn't just dial what you wanted - like the "Good Ol' Days"

Lilyluv - I'm in the same situation as YOU ! Mine are sitting at Lowes waiting for my house to be done. So sorry, I haven't used them yet. I went with them because Lowes was having the 20% off sale. The cabrio's were already on sale then with the 20% I got both for 1,300.00

I am going to talk to someone else at Whirlpool, but if the answer is still NO - I am going to cancel my washer. There is no way I can live w/o a spin only cyle or rinse/spin only.

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Jeannie01 ... manufacturer phone reps do not have hands-on experience with or or access to the machines and can only give information per the sales literature and scripted call material provided to them.

Any machine with a mechanical timer (such as the "spin dial" Whirlpool that you saw) can surely be set to any function. It's the electronic control models which follow a defined cycle sequence via software that can't be manually handled.

Regards to the Cabrio ... even if there really is no spin-only setting (which I'd be surprised if there isn't), they do have a built-in diagnostic testing routine for checking the various components and functions, and I imagine one of the tests runs a spin. If you tell me which specific model you're getting, I can perhaps check on that and give you the button/control routine to do it.

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dadoes - The model is WTW7340XW If it does have a rinse/spin only or spin only - it hs a button that you push to start etc. How do those push buttons hold up to use?

I guess I am so use to having the knob that you turn that I am worried that a button would wear out. I'm thinking maybe I should forget the cabrio maybe get the GE profile which does have the knobs - but it isn't a HE - which after reading some negative on that - I don't think I want HE anyway. You have to use special detergent, you have to clean the washer - my goodness it's a WASHER - soap and water go thru it - why would you have to WASH IT TOO??????LOL

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I have the Cabrio WTW7340XW and it's not a "button" for the Rinse/Spin cycle. It's a setting on the turn nob. You just turn the knob and press Start.

As for cleaning the washer, it's a good idea to run bleach thru any of these HE machines once a month. It's just to kill off any mold or bacteria that may be growing. You're suppose to keep the lid open when it's not in use to prevent mold, but I know it's habit to put it down for some, myself included.

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Well, the 5700 Cabrio has a 'drain and spin' cycle. So I'm not sure why that wouldn't work for you.

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