59mn7 vs 58cva

KBrianNovember 14, 2013

I am in the process of replacing current 12 yr old propane system with green speed heat pump w/ propane backup.

Don't expect to use the propane much due to mostly moderate winters (Austin, Tx).

Was wondering if anything was different between the 59mn7 and the 58cva furnaces except the gas efficiency? Will they act any differently in heat pump or cooling?


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I think a Greenspeed HP is overkill for your location.

Yes, big difference between those two furnace models mainly in efficiency and cost. Check my link and use the comparison feature.

While I realize averages are just that, the winter temp average for your location is in the 40s.

What is your electric cost/KWH and propane cost/gallon?

Have you considered going all electric for heating?


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Furnace Comparison

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Electricity is $0.12 and going up esp in the higher usage brackets (which is me in the winter). Our propane is a central community system without any regulation. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but last I calculated it was roughly the same as buying standard gas grill tank refills from home depot. Propane is definitely not economical.

Considered all electric, but my service panel doesn't have the capacity. Would have to replace the panel, dig up the driveway for new conduit, etc.

I already replaced 2 of 3 systems with standard infinity with the 96% furnaces (considering spray foam in that attic). Finally getting around to replacing the third.

Was considering the green speed as our averages are moderate but we do have spells in the 20s. If I can avoid the overpriced propane I figure it could pay back over the life of the unit.

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My price quote had the green speed at a $1.3k premium.

My other consideration was that I have three units. One upstairs, one downstairs master, one downstairs main. This is in regard to the downstairs main... so it would be providing most of the heat for the house.

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BTW - the comparison of the furnaces... the one line item I don't understand is the "green speed intelligence" on the 59MN7. No definition on what that means for a furnace.

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Here is the definition from Carrier:

Greenspeed Intelligence-- Adaptable-speed technology paired with Infinity intelligence, our new technology takes into account a home ownerâÂÂs complete comfort. It provides precise comfort by adjusting the heating demands of the home. This translates into reduced energy use and reduced temperature swings. Integrating luxury-level comfort control into a home so smoothly and quietly,
youâÂÂll forget itâÂÂs there.

This means the Infinity controller will adjust the gas valve and the variable speed fan to make your house comfortable.

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Thanks Mike - sounds like it doesn't add any value to me as I am trying to avoid the backup heat source anyway.

tigerdunes - I am currently paying 0.0720 cu ft of propane. If I am doing the math right, that is $2.56 per gallon. And they haven't raised the prices yet for the winter.

Here are the two systems proposed -

25HNB936 / 58CVA090 / CNPHP4221 / SYSTXCCITN01

25VNA036 / 58CVA090 / CNPHP3617 / SYSTXCCITN01

(edited to fix math)

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I still believe a complete GreenSpeed DF system is overkill for Austin, Texas.
What kind of price are you getting on the GreenSpeed DF system with modulating furnace?

I would get another quote on conventional Infinity DF system and carefully weigh cost differences.

Furnace Infinity TN6

Heat Pump infinity 25HNB16

Properly matched with filter box, best matching ALA Carrier Evap coil, and of course Infinity controller.


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