Trane XL16i or Lennox XP21 Heat Pump

estarkNovember 28, 2010

I am looking at either a Trane XL16i (4Ton) with an XV95 furnace or a Lennox XP21 (4Ton) with an SL280V furnace. I am interested in what you think. Both companies are well rated with Angies list and both seem to be quality (the Trane dealer is working with Home Depot). Cost for the Lennox is about $400 more.

The specifics are as follows


Heat Pump - 4TWX6048E1

Coil - 4TXCD063BC3

Furnace - TUH2C100A9V4


Heat Pump - XP21-048-230

Coil - CX34-62C-6F

Furnace - SL280UH110V60C

The follow are the energy ratings on the above systems -


EER - 12.5 SEER - 16.5 HSPF - 8.5


EER - 12.7 SEER - 17.5 HSPF - 9.2

Will these rating make much difference?

I should point out that I have a slight preference for buying from the Trane dealer - I get a Home Depot incentive with them also.

Thanks for your help.

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what location?

what size home?

what size existing furnace and AC?

and yes, those performance/efficiency numbers on HPs do matter as far as operating costs. While not a fan of Lennox HPs, it should be said that Trane makes very good heat pumps but they are behind the curve in efficiency numbers in dual fuel applications as indicated in your post,especially HSPF. you also need to look at BTU rating for 45 degree and 17 degree as listed in AHRI HP Directory.

The Trane furnace is two stg 95% eff while the Lennox is two stg 80% efficient. Big difference there.

what thermostats were quoted? what about an air filter cabinet. both important.


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This is in st Louis. The home is 2000 sq ft. and an energy audit has been done to size the units. I know that the furnace is smaller on the Lennox, but the ratings are for the whole system. I really thought I was set on the trans but had this one last quote come in.


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I would want to review sizing both furnace and HP. you need a second opinion.

Trane forces you to oversize on the furnace to get a 4 ton blower rating. However, that raises the question of why you even need a 4 ton HP condenser?

80K on the furnace would be plenty of BTUs. what size is existing furnace and condenser?

also buying HVAC from big box stores is a mistake.


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Does anybody know anything about a broan central a/c 4ton 13 seer

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