Squeaking & Grinding Sounds Coming From Dryer

tabteacherJuly 24, 2010

Help!! I have a Fisher & Paykel AeroSmart Clothes Dryer. It has started making strange sounds that are driving me crazy.

I am used to the sound of the lid locking. After that I hear a terrible, loud grinding sound & then as it tumbles it is louder than normal & it squeaks loudly. Every day the squeak gets louder. You can hear it all over the house even with the door shut. Also when we build our house we sound insulated the laundry room as it was close to the master bedroom.

Then when I turn it off I hear the horrible grinding sound before the lid unlocks.

My set is 3 yrs old & it is a gas dryer if that makes any difference.


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Four possible sources / problem areas of which I'm aware, listed in order of usual probability:

1. The belt tension pulley assembly.

2. The main drum bearing (on the right side).

3. The drum air duct bearing (on the left side).

4. The motor.

A potential clue to the source is whether the rhythm of the noise seems faster than the tumble speed (1 & 4), or about the same as the tumble speed (2 & 3).

This service manual is not an AeroSmart model. AeroSmart has a different control panel, but the mechanical design is the same. There should be a Tech Sheet in your control console outlining how to access Diagnostic Mode.
DEGX1 / DGGX1 Service Manual

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HI--thanks for sending this info & for the manual.

My husband tried something on the right side. It made the sound not so loud, but still there. Since he is working about 60 hrs a week, he said go ahead & call a serviceman. He came & said he would have to order a $0 ball baring, but the dryer was OK to use. As soon as he left I did a load of wash. When I turned on the dryer, it immediately turned itself off & it says Fault Code 21. Call for service." I even had to roll the drum & hold that tab on the left to get the towels out. Do you know what Fault Code 21 means & is it caused by something he did?

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I thought to check the manual you sent. It says: Door Actuator Required Excess Voltage. Could this be caused by him taking the dryer apart &putting it back together incorrectly, or is this another problem altogether?

Thanks again.

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Something is putting a bind on the door grabber motors. Could be caused by misalignment during reassembly.

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