Laundry Closet Specs

homeimprovementdivaJuly 21, 2009

I'm trying to figure out how to setup a Laundry Closet and what size Washer and Dryer will fit.

For those with a Laundry Closet, what are the dimensions of the closet and what machines do you have?

The closet is in the 2nd bath on main floor (it's a ranch house). My Dad did a quick measure and got 69w x 31d x 8h.

I'm looking into different options b/c the toilet is right next to closet so I think I will have to do:

--top loading washer with dryer to the left (away from toilet)

--stacked FL on left side of closet (away from toilet)

--FL on pedastal or platform so it's higher to clear the toilet when door opens.

I guess the main issue is finding washer and dryer that is the right depth.

I saw one in a post of the "Luna" setup that was very nice. Does anyone know what the size of that closet was?

Any pics would also be appreciated. Thanks

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Sorry I don't have pictures yet, or exact measurements, but I can describe what we have: small bedroom closet with a door opening of 48". I think the depth of the closet is about 26" or more, depending on whether measured to the inside of the door frame or the outside. We took the sliding doors off and use a curtain to cover, so we have some leeway there. We have a little over a foot of space on either side of the opening, the water supply and drain are in this space on the left, the dryer vents out of this space (through the wall) on the right. With this space, we had to get compact, 24" machines. We have Asko W6222 washer and T712 dryer. My wife decided she wanted them side-by-side rather than stacked (but these machines can be stacked). We also decided against getting pedistals, since we want a counter on top of the machines and raising them would make the counter less convenient. A critical issue you need to consider is venting for the dryer. If at all possible, get a vented dryer and vent it to the outside. If that is not possible, you can get a condensation dryer. (This Asko T712 comes in either type, and Bosch and others also make condensation dryers.) From what I've read, these are a compromise. If you can vent, then the issues are: where does the dryer vent exit the machine and what options do you have. We chose Asko partly because it can be vented out the back, or either side. The Bosch compact we looked at can be vented out the back or right side. If you have to vent out the back, you will need about 6" clearance in the back (which may be OK with your depth), and will have at least one right-angle turn in the duct. The more turns and the more duct length, the less the efficiency of the dryer. The venting, plumbing and electric hookups will probably determine the position of your machines. You need to work with your plumber and electrician on these issues. With the depth you have to work with, you can probably get full-size machines (TL), but be careful to include any spacing that the installation instructions require.

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Thanks. We were there Monday for inspections and I forgot to see where the dryer vent was in the closet but it should be to the outside already since there are two walls of the closet that are outside walls since that bathroom is at the end of the house.

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Depth is going to be the limiting factor if you have to vent out the back. My machine is under 30" from the wall -- as long as you don't count the door. LOL I would want 32" clearance to be able to close the door, and I picked a model that was shallower and would allow the vent to connect under the machine instead of behind it, saving a little more space. Mine are the LG steam washer and dryer -- I needed a larger capacity washer and it was the shallowest installation I could find without going to the 24" deep, smaller capacity models. If you could vent out the side, I think you could install these, stacked or side by side, with about 30" depth.

Sounds like you have a move in the near future -- Good luck and enjoy the house and all the new projects.

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thanks! LG is one of the ones I was looking into. Do you like the steam ones? Wasn't sure if anyone actually used the steam option.

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I haven't used the steam a lot, but I do like it. I thought it was mainly for the dryer -- to freshen or relax wrinkles, but you can also use it to avoid static in the winter. I had been using the sanitary setting for any smelly towels, etc. (the kids don't always hang them up plus we have 2 dogs who can get wet or muddy). Just recently, the kids brought down a load of things that included some good smellies -- I think a bathing suit started something. Anyway, I had an assortment of fibers, including nylon, and didn't want to use the extra hot setting. I decided to try the steam and a little borax. Everything came out fresh and nothing was damaged. I was impressed. I could probably live without it, but we were really, really unhappy with the way our last machine died and the poor service and nearly 2 months without a washer (thanks Whirlpool) and wanted something we could feel good about spending that much money on. The pretty blue helped. LOL Seriously, the size was probably the key factor, but I do love the blue. I think they came out with a new model about a month or two later and have new colors now, so at least that part of the timing worked out.

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LOL. We have three dogs and 2yr old boy so I'm sure I have plenty of days ahead full of smelly things. :0) I think I'm leaning towards LG now for great size (pretty colors don't hurt). I hate when you can't fit big blankets and stuff into the washer and the steam sounds like a neat feature especially when I forget the clothes in the dryer and they get wrinkled.

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The steam is intended for a few items in the dryer -- add a damp clean towel to the drum if you want to tumble a whole load. The wrinkle care setting tumbles for I think 2 hours before it shuts off completely, and I find that things left hours past that seem to wrinkle less if they have gone through that tumbling cool down.

In terms of capacity -- I have washed comforters, sleeping bags and dog bedding. I can wash 2 sets of queen sheets at once. I did some t shirts for the band (assorted sizes) and had 53 in one large load.

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