Too much lint on clothes

zolcatJuly 5, 2009


We've moved to a place with a top loading washing machine. We notice that when the clothes come out of the wash, they have a lot of lint. It seems to be transferring from one type of cloth to another, and I can't figure out what criteria to use to sort the laundry. What can we do to reduce this in the washer itself?

We clean the lint filter on the dryer before every wash, and while it does catch a lot of lint, its not good enough. We end up using a lint brush to remove them, and it is become tiring.

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If I ever had to go back to an agitator TL (noooooo...), I would try doing all my washes on the slowest agitation speed, for the maximum wash time. If the wash could be preceded by a presoak, preferably with a burst of agitation every couple of minutes, I would throw that in too. Of course the slowest agitation speed is probably paired with the slowest spin, so I'd have to do an extra spin at the highest speed. Haven't actually tried this, since I don't have an agitator TL to play with now, but maybe it would reduce the wear on clothes and resulting lint.

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Two things that come to mind...

1) Your wash time is too long. Unlike front loaders, top loaders clean quickly. No need to use the longest wash setting unless the item is really dirty.

2) You are overloading the machine. Items should move freely and circulate from top-to-bottom several times during the wash.

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Your particular machine may have a lint trap that needs cleaning. Check the link below for more information and give the customer service department a call for your particular brand of washing machine. They may have a simple solution for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: How to clean a washing machine lint trap.

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Try using more detergent. One of the things good detergent does is keep lint (and dirt) suspended in the water and off your clothes.

Could you be using the amount recommended on the package for your old FL machine? It might not be enough anymore. TLs need more detergent than FLs do.

Also be sure to sort carefully, separating your "lint givers," (terrycloth towels, for example) from your "lint takers" like dark t-shirts.

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I know your issue, that is an issue in our home. We have a top loading machine, and unfortunately it is the bottom of the line White Westinghouse washer that we purchased when our old washer died and we were too broke to buy a nice one. It has NO lint trap in it. I have found that I need to be careful with what I wash with other items in this machine. No towels and no flannel type items mixed in with cotton T-shirts for instance, unless I want the T-shirts covered in fuzzy lint. I have to be careful to wash darks with darks and not let something remotely lighter colored mix in with those items or they will have lint trapped in the shirts. I line dry most of my clothing so if I don't pay attention, we have no dryer lifting the lint off of my clothing items. Also be careful not to overload the machine, if you do, then the lint gets trapped in the clothing too. I have noticed that some detergents do a better job at preventing lint than others. If I use the homemade laundry soap, I have a lot of lint. If I use something like Gain, I have a lot less lint.

Some day I plan on replacing this machine and getting something better. For now, this is the issue and my observations. There is no real quick fix if you have a cheap top loader with no built in lint trap. Hopefully you can find one on your washer and clean it out.

Good Luck!

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