LG Washer Vibration

SARDog13July 16, 2013

We started to have this vibration issue a few months ago. We had the recall taken care of and it got worse. It takes forever to spin the clothes, the time is constantly changing and "load and forget" is a thing of the past.

I called LG and a repair technician, a different from the one who did the software upgrade, called to schedule an appointment. He was immediately on the defensive and had to order a part that didn't come in until yesterday. I'm not sure what the part was as I never saw it when he showed up. He was on the phone the whole time with LG and didn't know what the error codes were. I wasn't impressed. His opinion was that my floor needs reinforcing and I should put a post under my washer to reduce vibration. The washer worked fine until the recall. Just the normal UE codes when the load got out of balance. Now it takes forever to do a load of laundry and the clothes are still soggy when they come out.

I'm getting a second opinion in three days. I'll repost with an update then. Both of my Sisters-In-Law have LG's and couldn't be happier. One has the same model as we do and the other has a front loader. If it's our floor, any recommendations on reducing the vibration? It's located on laminate flooring over Truss Joist manufactured I-Beams. Thanks!

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What did you find out?

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Instead of going for metal tub supports, LG changed the software to make the washer very sensitive towards off-balance loads.

As a manufacturer, you basically have two choices: either make a washer that can and will handle off-balance loads but is expensive and will require a very sturdy floor (aka Miele, Speed Queen) or a light-weight washer that will spin smoothly on wooden floors but must balance the load carefully in order not to shake itself to pieces (aka almost every other brand).

Since the OP's washer is a top loader, blaming the customer for not reinforcing the floor is BS, if you ask me. Top loaders don't require nearly as sturdy a floor as front loaders.


Here is a link that might be useful: LG Washer - Top Load Balancing & UE Message

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