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bradlamJuly 9, 2007

I am going to buy a front loading washer and dryer sometime soon (don't know which yet, still doing the research). I would like to build my own platform because I want something higher than the pedestals that come with most machines.

It will be over-engineered to provide for maximum support, and I was thinking of bolting it to the studs in my walls, plus extra supports for legs, plus lots of "joists" under the washer. All of this will be in my basement with a level concrete floor, and a drain right under the area now, in a little cubby area (walls on 3 sides) that is just about 7 inches wider than my current washer and dryer.

But I'm concerned about ease of repairs if needed. If a repairman needs to come out, how the heck will he get access to the units without having to lift them down to the floor?

I considered making a moveable platform without bolting it to the wall studs, but how sturdy will that be? Has anyone made a moveable platform that is still really really stable? Should I stop worrying about accessibility and build it the way I want, and cross that bridge when the repairman has to come out? Any other ideas?

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I built a platform for mine for the same reason (wanted them higher and more importantly I did not want to pay almost $200 per pedestal.
Mine is extremly heavy. I used 2 x 12's with 3/4 solid plywood top. The inside of the platform has 2 x 12 supports that run through it length and width wise. EXTREMLY solid and heavy. It is glued and used screws instead of nails. It is one platform and both washer and dryer sit on top. Service should not be an issue because is they were on the factory pedastals there is a good chance that they would still need to come down if the the technician deemed it so. There is enough space in my laundry room that they could take the units off the platform and would still have enough room to work if necessary.
I didn't bolt it to anything it sits snug between cabinets and wall w/soft rubber feet attached on the bottom. Washer is accurately level and no vibration.
If you a capable of building a platform I strongly suggest it vs paying the ridiculous price of buying those pedastals!

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Think about whether you want the platform to have a toe kick -- if you will be using the tops to fold clothes, for instance.

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I built one out of 2x8 lumber and 3/4 inch plywood. I had had 3 2x8's on the inside running the width of it and 2x8 braces between those lengthwise. I put 2 layers of plywood on top and one on the bottom to make it a enclosed box held the washer and dryer side by side and was just sitting on the floor. never caused any problems the few months I used it before I decided to sell the house but didn't take it with me. because where I was moving the machines couldn't be next to each other. The new owner's liked it and wanted it for the washer they were buying so I left it. it lifted the machines about 10 inches which was nice you hardly had to bend to load and unload them.

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Is there any downside to the platform besides the fact that front loaders might have more of a vibration problem (we have NO vibration problem now)? I'd really like to raise the machines so we'd have to bend less :)

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I honestly feel as though my platforms made the base for the w/d more solid. My previous top loader w/a heavy load would cause the blinds to the laudry room (first floor)window to vibrate and the cabinets would rattle from time to time. Now w/a level washer and such a heavy base I feel I have remedied that issue.

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We're going to build one this weekend. We have no vibration now, so as long as it's the same or better, we're good. Thanks.

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Here's what we built. It's sturdier than it looks - it has a metal bar substructure & the plywood is screwed & glued. We did this last December & have had no problems with vibration. That said, we did make sure everything was leveled. I wanted something to sort laundry in & this basket configuration works perfectly.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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guvnah, I like the idea of raising the platform high enough to store the baskets. Thanks for the picture. Lumylg and mike, do you have pictures you can post?

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At first we thought it might be too tall (I'm 5'1") but it's great. I can still see the controls & don't have to bend over at all.

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Our platform holds our FL washer and dryer. I also raised the laundry sink to a level comfortable for washing our dog! Best to buy a W/D with front controls.

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I will see about posting some.

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Your platform is exactly what I had in mind. I'd be very grateful if you could reveal the constructions details? It looks like you have two layers of 3/4 plywood for the top and one layer for the supports. Is that correct? Is there a piece of plywood across the back too? You mentioned metal bar substructure, ...where are they? How high is it?

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You are correct, the top is 2 layers of 3/4 ply. The sides, back and dividers are 3/4 ply dadoed, glued & screwed into the top piece. About midway back I reinforced with a peice of 1x1x0.25 angle iron up either side and across the underside of the top. You can't see any of this from the outside and I'm not sure it made a difference. I definitely think it's over built, but I had no idea what it would take. Last step was to face the plywood with trim and paint.
As far as height, pick some laundry baskets and build it to them. Keep in mind that you need to be able to see the controls.

Hope this helps.

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I built a pedestal platform for our front loader W&D using 2x6's and plywood. It's super sturdy, 16 in. high, with 2 large drawers. I put together some step-by-step instructions on how to build it, as well as a list of the Tools and Materials you need (including pics). Feel free to use or modify them to fit your needs. Would love to hear your comments and questions! Link is below:

Here is a link that might be useful: W&D Platform - Materials List and DIY Instructions

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derelique - thank you for sharing your instructions for your W&D platform. We will be moving this summer and I will no longer have my machines stacked. I was looking for something like this. I can't wait to start construction.

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