what color cabinets would you choose with black appliances?

monarkJanuary 6, 2009

We are in the planning stages of redoing our kitchen and we have black appliances. My husband is custome building our cabinets, whoo hooo this ought to be fun.I love all the kitchen photos I see here and wish I was so inclined to be that color coordinated. We have an open floor plan (on the small side)so I need to wrap this whole area together in a beautiful inviting way with the existing furnishings in mostly browns with a hint of dark green.Here's where I need your advice what color would you paint your cabinets? Cream glazed, butterscotch glaze or white?( I hope I can find these glazes) Hubby is in favor of white, I feel it is to much contrast, remember those black and white checkerboard tiles at grandmas house, thats what I invision, yucko ( sorry if any of you out there have that)anyhow hubby really doesn't care which way we go right now. I just have to coordinate cabinets, counters, tile backsplash, floors , walls, and ceilings.At any rate our kitchen is small so we want to lighten it up and have a knock your socks off open living area with everything seamlessly matched. Our theme at this point is a bit tropical, I have seashells and beachy prints throughout our home.Our inspiration for our do over is our love for the ocean and the beachy colors there.Anyone have a color coordinated plan to pull this all together or just to help get me started? My head is spinning already, Pelezzzzzzzzze help me......someone. :) :)


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I have black and white tiles in my kitchen now so my suggestion may not be your taste...heeheehee:) I live at the jersey shore and my house is painted restoration hardware silver sage and a buttery yellow throughout with tons of "real" beach photos in black frames....

what about black cabinets on the bottom and ivory/white cabinets on top??? the black appliances would blend a bit more..and do a granite counter with a sandy ivory base and flecks of black...to look like sand...maybe paint the walls a seaglass green/blue..and backsplash of green glass tiles to mimic the look of seaglass....I do agree that black apps with white cabs is a bit of a vibrant contrast, if that is not your style...

a lot of beachy style homes have a lot of black, white and green/blue touches...think Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa)..and the entire mag of Restoration Hardware...and Coastal Living...

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We're planning to do white cabs with black counter tops to help "integrate" our black appliances better.

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If you do light colored cabinets your appliances will really grab your eye. Are these fancy high-end or vintage appliances that you want to showcase? Otherwise, I would blend the cabinets a bit by choosing more of a medium tone and then choose a gorgeous counter-top and backsplash as your focal point. What floors so you have in mind? Are you matching to your existing living area?

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When I started out on my kitchen reno 2+ years ago, I already had a black fridge and dw and was madly in love with the idea of just adding in some new white Ikea cabs. However, Ikea's white is a brilliant white. By the time I put it all together, what can I say? The love was lost? I ended up totally redesigning my kitchen and sending the black appliances and bright white cabs to the rental kitchen. Although I honestly think those choices look "fine", I also tend to agree with you that the white-white to black-black contrast can be rather in-your-face. (And, btw, I've seen other GW kitchens using this combo in which it was pulled off quite successfully!) Jerseyshoremama's suggestion of mixing both black and ivory white cabs makes a lot of sense to me. Alternatively, I would suggest a light colored wood such as birch.

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I would not use white with black. I would use a butter color or a light brown latte color to tone down the transition between such sharp colors. A warm ivory would be a great choice too.

Good luck!

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Two Questions:

  1. Which will last longer, the cabinets or appliances?

  2. Which are more expensive?

In most cases, the answer to both questions is "cabinets".

I think the real answer is to get the cabinets you like and that will go well with your home and lifestyle. THEN, pick out the appliance colors to match those cabinets. If you already have the appliances, how old are they? I still think that since appliances will last, in most cases, less than 10 years (yes, there are some exceptions), I would still get the cabinets I wanted.

Our original plan was to do just that....replace only the refrigerator as our range & DW were both still functioning. Then, when they died, we'd replace them. I didn't worry that they wouldn't go with the rest of the SS appliances or that they didn't match the cabinets 'cause I knew they probably wouldn't last that much longer (certainly not as long as the new cabinets!) However, w/the range, it was pointed out that when I switched to a cooktop I would have no granite for it to be mounted on, so we had to replace the range. And, as luck would have it, a call went out in our church for a DW for a needy family and we decided to go ahead and donate it and get a new one. We ended up donating both the range and the DW to our church for needy families. We're still using the old refrigerator & MW in the basement (or at least when we get them moved there...they're still in the FR right now!)

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I also like marthavila's comment about a light colored wood--unless you don't like that. That kind of wood could go really well with either black or SS and combines well with "beachy" colors. But, I guess you want to try to avoid the old pickled wood look, but still could consider a pale wood. Or go with the butterscotchy glaze or similar not-white paint if you do paint. Paint of course gives you more options for the underlying wood for the cabinets.

OTOH, do you mean "tropical" ? Because then you might be doing dark woods and different colors. Brown and dark green don't sound beachy because I think of sand, blues, greens in water-type colors or possibly nautical colors, but could be very outdoor or tropical. So all of that, in the adjacent living area, or whether it is going to be changed altogether, would help in seeing what cabinet/appliance/etc combinations you are going for.

Can you try to pull a bunch of photos with what you consider your ideal kitchen look? See if you can hone in on your yes/no reactions to different combinations of materials and colors.

And buehl is totally on target. Although appliances are expensive, it's not the same as telling hubby all his cabinet work has to be re-done. Figure out your overall "feel" so you can decide on the appliances. I think its entirely possible to get the effect you want AND use your black appliances, but you'll want to brainstorm a bit to see

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Frankie in zone 7, that is what we are trying to accomplish a "tropical- beachy theme" I should probably drop the "beachy" part, I have a lot more beachy photos than tropical. We will be using all of our furniture that's what is making it so hard to choose what we want and that it's this open floor plan so everything has to flow, I think that maybe compromising and going with more of a tropical look as you say (warm tones are my fav) instead of the bright beachy , cottagy, keywest, look (Cool colors are my husbands choice) so then I can add in those dark wood tones I love so much ( some restaining will be in order for this)and would also match my choc. curtains. So what would you choose for wall coloring and flooring to make it warm, light, and airy. I must mention here we are doing painted plywood floors so it will have a plank look and nobody will know or can tell the difference, except you guys. My hubby wanted to do a 360 and go bright white walls, baby blue tiles and baby blue ceilings, ah sounds heavenly and totally beachy, love it. I think I talked him out of it only because of the furniture problem and because I want it to be awesome the first time and not another do-over,disappointing a littl ya but I think with these fresh Ideas I have narrowed it down some. Once we get the cabs done I hope to have everything pinned down and beautifully done.Any other suggestions are certainly welcome. Monark

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I'm not good at giving detained decorating directions--although you might checkt the decorating forum. I would Google or whatever, "tropical" decorating themes, also look at British colonial--
think dark woods, plus rattan or bamboo. Look at fabrics or bedding in tropical prints--do certain color combinations really send you? You might find a picture of a room that is not a kitchen, but that you can base your kitchen on--especially if is combined with family room. Dark woods and appliances can look good with all the citrus colors --more acid-y yellows and greens, corals and peaches and so forth.There is also a great color scheme using dark woods, white/ivories, and ocean blues, but I am not a "cool" person so I don't gravitate to that--but can admire it in another's room.

Decide which things you already have and will not change--? you said curtains--such as sofa fabric, rug; what are you able to change or add for accent--maybe don't want wallpaper in kitchen, but found a great tropical print for throw pillows and will pick up some of those colors. It is easier to collect some of these swatches or samples, and photos, and then try to see what color or stain of cabinet seems best and most "timeless" (though there may be almost no such thing), because certainly wall paint colors and room accent pieces can be changed over the years.

I think you are still refining your "vision," so I would work on getting that in a concrete form--your "story board" of colors, materials, combinations that send you--once you get it, you will be better able to see what choices to make to translate that into kitchen materials.

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Consider a yellow with red undertones. My kitchen has red and black granite (juperana bordeaux) with wrought iron accents...the paint is dijon from benjamin moore.

You can add red accents and give it an old world look.

Have fun!

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