Washing Machine issues - help!

rjl443July 9, 2012

Hi - Sorry for the long-winded post. I have tried 3 different front loaders in the last many years:

(1) Maytag Neptune - lasted a few years with many repairs in the process - replaced with (2)

(2) Bosch - kept locking the door on my and now unlocking - replaced with (3) after 2 years

(3) Whirlpool Duet Sport (floor model) - many problems with the control board/cycles not finishing, has been repaired 5 times in 4 years for these issues.

I decided to buy a top loader and bought the GEGTWN4250


After less than a week on sheets washing cycle it pulled the sheets into the agitator and somehow got it caught up in the center of the washer and broke the agitator right off the machine and broke the associated plastic parts also. Sheet is caught up in the motor, shredded.

My husband was home and heard this happening and stopped it. The washer, less than week old is destroyed.

What should we do? I just want a reliable washer. I don't care about how much water it uses, I just want clean clothes and to be able to wash cloth diapers in it.

Thank you!


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Of all four listed, I recognized all but Bosch as having bad reputations for reliability. Not to say Bosch doesn't but that's a brand I just haven't heard much about. All you can do is look at machines with the features you want, in your price range, and ensure you buy the extended warranty. It's no fun having a new machine break and it sounds like you've had a nightmare history with washing machines! My time in preparing for our recent samsung purchase was spent scouring reviews, weighing the negatives with the positives. What's ironic is your GE was on our initial list but I started running into too many reviews mentioning the machine breaking right away (mostly the agitator). Have had our Samsung WF331ANR since last Thursday and after the initial learning curve, I LOVE this machine. But I know it will probably break which is why I'm relieved to have a 4 yr service contract this time around. I think the old saying 'they just don't make them like they used to' is partially correct. That and there's just far more things to break down now than there used to be. Some of us get unlucky and wind up with a lemon while others can go years and years without any trouble.

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Hsve you contacted Lowe's (assuming that's where you bought it)? Since the washer is less than a week old, I would think they would replace it. I've heard good things about their return policies. If I were you, I'd call them today.

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For pure simplicity and build quality, I would buy a Speed Queen. Time will tell if I made a mistake by choosing an all-electronic, plastic machine over a Speed Queen.

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