thinking of replacing older 'T' stat

big_al_41November 2, 2011

My house was build in the early 60's and has one of those round dial "T" stats. I'm thinking of replacing it for a newer model that will allow me to do set backs etc. My heat is oil fired baseboard no a/c. What concerns me is that if I were to get one, how bad would it be to wire up? I think my current dial unit probably has a mercury float switch in it.

What I don't want to do is buy one and find that on the back of the new one there are tons of connections to make or figure out. Can anyone recommend one to me ...thanks

Or should I just stay with what I have?

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If you remove the stat from the wall, you should be able to determine what you have, i.e., number of wires and color of each. Also, any designations of each wire, e.g., R, W. Y, etc.

While a new stat might have lots of connections, you don't necessarily need all of them. You might be able to get by with 3 wires.


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Honeywell has several thermostats designed for do it yourself installation. You can download the installation manual in order to get an idea of the level of difficulty. You can also call Honeywell to get guidance over the phone. It is not that difficult.

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